Memo and Business Letter   


Memoand Business Letter


June14, 2014.

TO: Birdman Stevenson, Manager Director, Brooklyn, Inc.

FROM:Nickson Brown, Marketing/Sales Bretonwood, Corp.

July 14, 2014.

RE:Quoted Price error.

Weare grateful for the good business we have had with your company forlong. Thank you for the information you supplied us concerning delayin shipping your supplies. Breton woods agree that we are late inshipping due to the pricing error in the quoted price by oursalesman.

Bretonwoods also understand the inconvenience caused by failing to deliverthe supplies on time and your need to have in place the requiredmaterials for the purpose of production. There was a mistake in thequoted price by the salesman for the usual price than our usual $70per thousand pieces for&nbspthe widget. Our profits are 15 percentsat this price and the quoted price by the sales person was too closeto the real costs without even an allowance for changes in steelprices.

We,therefore, halted the shipping of the suppliers so that we couldnotify you on the slight problem.We wish to process the transaction at the usual price in order toavoid further inconveniences and recoup time wasted coping with theerror. However, we request you to notify us on any problems thatarise early so that we can be part of the investigative process.

Themajor cause of errors between our organizations is due to lack of adirect relationship in regard to our respective sales departments. Asyou know, Breton wood still uses several different salesmen withreference to the same Breton wood part numbers. In addition, many ofyour part requirements descriptions incorrectly adds to the salesprocess confusion.

Itis therefore, necessary that we clear this up to avoid futureconfusion between our sales departments with your company. Cleardescriptions on part needed should be emailed in documents and copiedto the sales manager to track down on the problem and avoid timewastage later. We accept any inconvenience fees related to thesetypes of errors in the future.

Ifour parts or the salesmen result in the necessity for this sort oferrors or re-work, we want to be notified in time so that we canaddress the problem effectively and timely.

Ifwe are at fault, we will accept responsibility and ensure Bretonwoodhas their salesmen trained and briefed on the correct pricing of thevarious parts they need at all times either through re-work or areplacement shipment, at our expense.&nbsp

Weassure your firm that we will be proactive in a true spirit ofpartnership with you as we pursue the reasons for such errors andaddress them in a timely manner.


Onceagain, thank you for your business.





NicksonBrown,9611-00300, Maryland, Amherst Avenue.Tel. No.+1-856-304-7400, Email: [email protected]15thJuly 2014.The Managing Director,Comcast CableCommunications, Inc,1800 Bishops Gate Blvd, Mt Laurel, NJ,08054, US


USA.DearMr. Johnston Barrister, RE:APPLICATION FOR DIRECT SALES REPRESENTATIVE JOBIenclose my application for the above mentioned post which appeared onMonster com website career page on Tuesday 15th July 2014. The postpresents me with an interesting opportunity to serve and apply myvast skills as a direct sales Representative with your firm in thesales and marketing department.

Asa direct sales representative at Brighton Cables Corporation and as amarketing sales agentat Curtis-Wright Cable Corporation, I&nbspacquired great deal of &nbspexperience in direct sales andmarketing of electronic items. This involved making customerprospectus plans, making sales appointment with new clients,preparing sales transactions for customers, venturing into newmarkets and making follow up on existing customers in regard tocompleted products queries.

Inaddition, I maintained excellent customer databases and forwardedcustomerqueries to the firms’ sales engineer. I exceeded myexpectations by meeting weekly and monthly sales targets. Inparticular, while working at Brighton Cables Corporation, I solditems worth $50 million to clients both locally and abroad. In theseplacements, I acquired a great deal of customers’ relation skills,price negotiation, persuasiveness and excellent marketing. All thesemake me, make me feel more competent for the above mentioned post.

IKnow Comcast Cable Communication, Inc. for its excellent products,excellent service to clients and its wide market share. I got to knowthis information from clients who requested to know if I was dealingwith their products. Therefore, I look forward to being part of yourexcellent sales and marketing team in this company as the companywidens its sales output and marketing the firm’s brandname.Additionally, I have a strong academic background inSales and Marketing from studies at Boston University and SalesAdministration from Wisconsin University. In the same note, I amproficient in the sales process, communication and proficientcomputer skills which I believe arevaluable assets to yourfirm.In regard to my vast previous experience in salesand marketing, I believe I am competent, and look forward to meet youfor more discussion on my merit. I am readily available upon contactanytime.

Findthe attached detailed resume and other documents for yourperusal.Onceagain, thank you for your consideration.YoursFaithfully, NicksonBrown,Tel. No. +1-856-304-7400,Maryland, Amherst Avenue.