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Modernpopular culture


Modernpopular culture can be defined as the contemporary items, lifestylesand cultural patterns that are widespread, as well as largely knownand recognized within a population.

Toexpound on the phrase &quotpopular culture,&quot it can be saidthat it comprises of a collection of cults, movie quote, dirty jokesand figures that have been perceived as funny by audiences globally.This culture is extremely rampant among the young people. One thinghowever about the modern popular culture is that it is indecent(Kenyon,2014).Youths have had a tendency of envying public icons such as musiciansand their likes. Due to their naivety, the so-called modern popularculture has led many youths astray.

Inmy view, the modern popular culture has virtually nothing positivethat can be drawn from it. The public icons and the media who are thepropagators of the modern popular culture have become materialized intheir ideologies only thinking of making more and more money and famewhen neglecting ethics and morals (Seanbaby, 2012).

Almosteveryone in the modern society has in one way or another been definedthe modern culture. Think about watching a movie that does not usebad language nor has no erotic scenes- it becomes “boring.&quot Itis indeed against ethics for children to watch or listen to eroticmaterial, but today’s morals have changed, and everything thatcomes along becomes accepted without questions. (Seanbaby, 2012).

Theonly way to disentangle from the harms of the modern culture is bybecoming yourself and not letting your beliefs be contaminated byweird ideologies that are embedded in the modern popular cultures.Also fearing God will also help evade being allured in cults andSatan worship which are common with the popular culture today.


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