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Inthe modern world of competitive business firms are adopting neworganizational structures and designs this is done through changingroutines and process of doing things, changing formal architecture orlocation of the firm and overall reviewing firms organizationculture. has adopted this approach by changing the scopeof business operations, redefining the mechanisms of decision making,the authority and responsibilities. In addition, the firm hasrevamped its mechanisms of rewarding and motivating its employee. Thefirm is also considering which activities to carry out in-house, andthose that it will out-source and how to redesign their informationsystem (Williams,2014).

Furthermore, is assessing the shared beliefs, norms and values peoplehold about the firm in an attempt to redesign them. Thetransformation management approach applied by the firm is essentialin creating a good work environment that promotes workers democracyand good business ethics. In addition, this innovative approach isimportant in increasing efficiency of service delivery, promoting itsobjectives among its stakeholders and creating a good framework ofmanagement(Hill and Gareth, 2012).Furthermore, this structural change is important in promotingintergroup work, enhancing easier monitoring of performance, and itis easy to diagnose and resolve problems. Above all, this modularstructure enhances a motivated workforce, creativity andinclusiveness in decision-making (ModernShed, 2014).

However,this mode of organization management change requires time andresources. More time is wasted as consultations and decision-makingare done. In some cases firms that do not have adequate resources andtime are not able to make such innovative changes. It requirescreating good environment and team spirit among the staffs to achievegreat success effective organization management is reflected throughmotivated staffs. As such, more time and resources need to beallocated to staff improvement before making policy changes on otherissues skilled and trained employees are vital for effectiveorganization change and management(Drucker, 1994).


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