Movie Review on Youth Sexuality


MovieReview on Youth Sexuality

MovieReview on Youth Sexuality

Thetelevision contents and the film industry are powerful influences onthe behavior of the youth, especially in relation to their sexuality.Sexuality is a topic that is discussed in all aspects of human lifedue to its significance in defining the culture and behavior ofpeople. To the youth, sexuality is a very sensitive aspect of lifedue to the complexities involved in their desire to understandthemselves (Lynn,2000).As they seek their sexual identity, the youth engage in sexualactivities as a way of fulfilling their new found curiosity, leadingto teenage sexual behavior. To explore youth sexuality in thisaspect, this paper will explore technology and youth sexuality in thefilm, Havoc.

Thefilm has several instances when the younger characters in the filmhave sexual acts that are both meditated and random. However, themost conspicuous scene is when two young characters take the sexualact in the car. The movie’s two of the main characters Toby andhis girlfriend AllisonLang live in the in the neighborhood of the Pacific Palisades (Havoc,2005).The scene under discussion happens when the two meet a teenage filmmaker, Eric. The filmmaker is making a documentary on the ganglifestyle of the youth in the film, and the scene is where theydiscuss some issues. After the meeting, Allisonand Toby have sex in the car, an act that portrays more underlyingissues of youth sexuality.

Technologyhas an influence on the youth by making communication faster andeasily accessible. For instance, in the movie, Allisonand Toby use texting to communicate when they do not want othercharacters surrounding to learn of their affair. According toSubrahmanyamand Smahel (2010), communicationamong the youth is the major factor of influence on the behavior andattitudes of the young people. In addition, technology helps youngpeople explore topic and aspects of their interest. For instance, inthe movie, thefilmmaker Eric uses technology to explore sexuality and ganglifestyle of Allisonand Toby as well as the rest of their youth gang.

Throughthe use of technology, youth engage in sexual acts and try to hidethe truth as well as the facts from their parents. They also engagein sexual acts with many partners and use the advantage of technologyto convince their partners and parents that they were not in any illacts. For instance, in the movie, Allison calls Toby and convinceshim that he she had not been engaged in sexual acts with the gang atthe motel, led by Hector, a gang leader, rival to Toby. According toLong (2010) technology is used by the young people to discreditfacts, misrepresent or alter information to favor their sexualrealities.

Thescene that Allisonand Toby have in the car shows that the youth have taken thesexuality aspect to extreme levels. The scene sparks a need fordiscussion on youth sexuality that is constantly being affected bydigital media to abnormal levels. According to Mappeset al (2011),there are acts that whose practice goes beyond the norms due to theirinfluence by modernity. Therefore, having sexual acts in the car isnot considered a conventional act in many conventional ethics.Throughdigital technology, the youth learn several sexual acts in thedigital media, and therefore seeks, to practice them (Weiss, 2014).The movie, havoc, and the scene where Allisonand Toby have sexual intimacy in the car reflect what the two learnin the digital media.


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