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July3, 2014.

&nbsp&nbspTheAdventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Themovie is one of the most adventurous, full of colorful dramas,romantic and swashbucklers. The cinematic portrays the actor MichaelCurtis as a gallant, dashing, romantic, light-hearted and anadventurous hero. It tells the story of a heroic Robin and hisfollowers who saved England from the treachery scheming of noblesafter the kidnapping of the King Richard. Throughout various scenesthat depicts episodes of fairly-tale romance with a colorful butnostalgic pageantry occasioned by triumphant over evil in aspectacular action. The cinema opens with a historical prologue ofpower conquests in England in the late 12thcentury. Richard the king is embroiled in power tuffs with hisscheming and treacherous brother Prince John. He takes over power andstarts oppressing the common Saxons and raises their taxes in thedisguise of raising Richards’s ransom money (Ebert,2003).

However,Robin stands in his shrewd ways and even dares John to cede power,later Robin escapes after Prince John attempts to capture and killhim. Robin escapes to Sherwood Forest with his followers where heproceeds to engage the ruling Normans in the guerrilla war andcapturing men transporting tax money. In this context, Robin meetsMarian (a Norman) who is charmed by the bravery and goodness of theyoung man, in particular for saving their lives. Later, King Richardreturns to England but fears his brother, and he thus seeks theeffort of Robin and his followers’ in order to recapture thethrone. Since the castle is strong to take by force, they disguisethemselves as monks to gain entry to the castle where they interruptsPrince John coronation. A great fight ensues and Richard takes overthe throne and sends his brother into exile. Robin is made Baron ofSherwood and ‘blessed’ to marry Lady Marian. The mesmerizingadventurous episodes in the forest, romantic scenes and braverybattles of Robin make this film popular. It is full of cinematicelements that create allusions, imagery and sheer fantasy. Althoughthe film was produced many decades ago, its features, content andcaptivating cinematic elements makes one gets insatiable urge towatch it over and over(Ebert, 2003).


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