Multiple Choices



Whydid Luria and Vygotsky carry out experiments on cognition? What doestheir research mean for education?

Luriaand Vygotsky carried out experiments on cognition with the intentionof explaining the multifaceted structures of human consciousness(Luria,1976). Todo this, they required to surpass the human organism. They haveresearched on how cultural and natural factors interact in thedevelopment of human mind (Luria,1976). Thisresearch is significant in education in that data obtained from theTools of Mind Project is employed in the discussion pertaining to theidea of employing classroom intervention in studying the developmentof human mind.

Whatkey ideas come from the linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf? What do hisideas have to tell us about the relations between language andculture?

BenjaminLee Whorf is extensively acknowledged for his idea regardinglinguistic relativity (Black, 1959). It is a preposition that thoughtis influenced by language. As a result of linguistic differences,orators of diverse languages experience and conceptualize the globein a different way. This is referred to as the “&quotSapir–Whorfhypothesis&quot (Black, 1959). His idea indicated the associationbetween culture and language. According to Whorf, language structuremirrors cultural differences.

Whatis a dialect? What are the problems associated with using this term?

Adialect is delineated as a diversity of language which is distinctiveof a specific set of the language’s orators (Finegan,2007).It is also defined as a language that differs in particular featuresof pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary (Finegan,2007).There are various issues linked with the employment of the term. Suchproblems originate from what is perceived as Standard English.Individuals originate from diverse backgrounds therefore have diverseexperiences. As a result, this turns out to be an issue incommunication.


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