Murder of Yeardley Love

Murderof Yeardley Love

Murderof Yeardley Love

Yeardleylove was killed on May 3rd in the year 2010 at just 22 years old. Sheand her boyfriend George Huguley had an argument that ended in thetragic death of Love. Huguley was sentenced to 23 years in prisonafter being found to have played a part in the death of Love. Theywere both lacrosse players and both were set to graduate in a fewweeks before the incident happened.

Itwould have been difficult for a counselor to establish whether therewas any abuse in a relationship before the death of Yeardley. This isbecause it would be practically impossible to piece together the lastmoments of the couple. The counselor would lack crucial evidence toconclude that there was abuse in their relationship(Martellozzo&amp Taylor, 2009).

However,with knowledge of the cycle of abuse, a counselor would be in aposition to know whether there was any abuse before the death ofYeardley. According to the cycle of abuse, any type of abuse in arelationship follows a predetermined cycle (Jackson&amp Erford, 2014). It starts with a stage where tension builds, andthe abuser gets agitated. The victim might start avoiding the abuserwhen the tension becomes too much. This then moves to the incidentstage, at this stage, physical, sexual, emotional or any other typeof abuse occurs. It then moves to the reconciliation stage where theabuser apologizes for his previous mistakes. The abuser might alsotry to blame the incident on the victim or even claim the victim isblowing things out of proportion and that the abuse is not as bad asthe victim claims. It then moves to the calm stage. At this stage,everything will return to normal and promises made at the latterstage may be fulfilled. The victim at this stage is willing to givethe abuser a second chance. However, this is not the case, and theabuse goes on and no repeating the same cycle (Egeland,Jacobvitz &amp Sroufe, 1998).


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