Napoleon Oreo Cookies Promotion Strategy

NapoleonOreo Cookies Promotion Strategy

Napoleon’sOreo Cookies is the product where we will be trying to sell out tomany customers in the market. But how are we going successfully dothat despite the flaws and issues that this product may have? A goodstrategy would always help us in making the success happen.

First,the product’s presentation matters a lot. Making a product asappealing as it can be to the customers’ eyes will give a higherchance of them to buy the product. Since we are trying to sell afood, we must try to make it look as delicious as possible. Inaddition to that, we should also be sure that our product is indeeddelicious. Next is to promote it by using low calorie sugar and otheringredients for the benefit of health conscious people. Lastly is theway on how can we advertise our product and make people aware of ourproduct. The most effective way is by doing a TV ad but it will alsobe the costly. If you have the money then you can do it. If want tosave money however in making ads but still achieve desirable resultsin selling the product, you can use the word of mouth. If people willbe very pleased by the product, they will love to buy it andrecommend it to the people that they know to try it.

Theethical issue that may arise is the use of artificial and low caloriesweeteners without fully understanding their effects because thereare still no scientific evidences that found out that artificialsweeteners can bring more harm than regular sweeteners (CalorieControl Council, 2014). According to Antosz, the low calorie andartificial sweeteners are not fully understood and ethical guidelinessay that further studies must be done to understand their use so thatscientists and researches can continue on with their primary goals inimproving the lives of people.


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