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UnderArmour E39

Thefootball game is a tough game that requires strong, healthy, andflexible persons. Every year, the best college football playersundergo a battery of tests before they are eligible to joining NFL. Among the major factors considered, include standing long jump,vertical leap, and shuttle run. In 2012, the NFL developed the E39,which is a technology-savvy shirt containing breathing and heart ratesensors. The significance of the gadgets is helping the recruiters indetermining the body balance of the recruits thereby, reducingcommon health issues that face football players such as stroke(Repanich, 2012).

Digitaltelevision (DTV)

DTVis a new technology for sending multiplex audio and video signals.The technology is crucial as it delivers clearer images to theclients. In addition, the technology has made accessing similartelevision station from a single television possible through thedecoder boxes. In addition, DTVs can also access digital radiostations. Comprehensive study of the DTV is essential, as it willhelp in improving interactive features that help in making watchingtelevision under the technology more interesting than the traditionaltypes. Several countries began switching to the technology since2007. Although many channels in the digital technology will requireviewers to pay so that they can access them, viewers will have somefree channels for ensuring that people who cannot afford premiumservices will not be locked out of enjoying the technology (Arnold etal., 2007).


Refrigerationtechnology has numerous applications such as air conditioning,industrial freezing, cryogenics, and transportation purposes. Manysubstances require being kept in low temperatures in order to enhancetheir lifespan. For example, perishable vegetables, meat, milk, andsome fresh fruit juices can be spoilt quickly if they are stored inroom temperature. Fortunately, the refrigeration technology enhancesthe lifespan of products through preventing bacteria and otherorganisms that spoil foods from thriving under low temperature.However, further studies in the field are necessary since somerefrigerants are environmental friendly. Further research will helpin discovering hazard and odor-free products that cannot the harmusers (Whitman et al., 2000).


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