New Data Management System Memo



NewData Management System Memo

NewData Management System Memo

Date :7thJul 2014

To :Staff members Taylor Ambulance Company

From :Management

Re :NewData Management System Memo

Healthcareinformation system is very necessary for Taylor Ambulance Companybecause it will help in managing all the activities of the company.Most companies have now migrated from the traditional ways ofmanaging data to the new ways through adapting use of computer-basedinformation system that is easier and more appropriate than themanual methods of recording data in files. The new system will helpin the following ways:

  • The system is simple to use and that captures all the essential data in a quick possible way. The company will require an access generate system that captures information into tables.

  • The proposed Microsoft Access database help solve the problems that face the Taylor Ambulance Company in the information.

  • The new system will ensure that the company’s information will be secure and well maintained because the information will be entered by highly experienced and trusted person in the company to avoid the issues of data integrity. The database represents all the information of the activities conducted in the company, and it will be necessary during scheduling in the operations of the company without overriding other activities.

  • The information management system will be used in making a report on the operation of the company and how the company has achieved in managing its information periodically.

  • The system will reducing data redundancy and help to reduce the time the system will use in arranging and processing data and also reduce the amount of space required to store the given information.

  • This system will use the level three normalization that reduces redundancy through avoiding replicating the data that is already in one table. The level three normalization helps connecting the tables in the database and reading the data that is common in the tables storing it at a central place where all the tables will get it with ease. The information system will require a level 3 normalization that will ease the work of the information managers. The normalization will incorporated in the system for security purposes.