New Product Training Project


NewProduct Training Project

Thisproject is about a corporate conference to launch a new product. Theproduct is a new service that the company intends to roll out as partof its expansion program. The new service is a mobile money transferservice that has never been in the local market. The company hasaffiliate firms across the country that have been contracted toimplement the new service at the grassroots level. Employees from allthe affiliate firms are expected to attend the luncheon to kick offthe training session. Training involves teaching them about operatingthe digital money transfer service, handling the customer carecentre, establishing an efficient logistics centre, and introducingprogram updates where necessary(Turner, 2009). The training programwill take at most two days because the agents are expected to learnmore and more details about the service as the company continues toinvest in new innovations for better service delivery.


Thetrainees are mainly executive agents from across the country and theyneed to be at the venue every morning of the two day trainingsession. There are about 120 executive agents to participate in thetraining. Accommodation will cost high because most of theaccommodation premises closest to the venue of the training venue arethree-star hotels that only accept one person per room. An idealFrench or English breakfast meal costs $10 per person. Lunch anddinner costs a total of $ 18 per person. One accommodation room costs$80 per night. On average the entire training session for the twodays of the conference will cost the company about $26,000 ofaccommodation expenses.

Facilitiesand resources needed

Thetraining needs several facilities to be successful. The instructorwill need a personal computer with a projector for effectivedemonstration before the agents(Duncan, 2006). The agents will berequired to come with their personal computers. However, thecorrespondence dispatched to them two weeks before the event allowedthose without personal computers to come because the company willhire some to bridge the gap. For emergency purposes, about 30 laptopswill be hired for this purpose as part of the preparation measures.Public address systems are needed. They will still have to be hiredby paying directly to the management of the conference rooms.Fortunately the cost will be enjoined in a single voucher becausethey have their own public address systems. Finally, empty discs areneeded to record save all the training sessions for the agents. Theywill need them for references while training the junior workers intheir respective stations. When all these resources are available,the session will be successful. This training is part of the wholeproject about the new service to be launched in the market.

Atthe end of the training session, follow up activities will ensue tothe ground to monitor customer response to the new service. They aresupposed to reinforce the knowledge the executive agents have. Whencommercial begin to run on the media, the project will have reachedits completion stage and customers will be expected to subscribe tothe new mobile money transfer service. The cost of running thisproject is quite high. However, it is a highly valued consideringthat there are few market players and the money service has lessoperational risks. It is estimated that the company will get up to $200 million per year with high returns on investments.


Work break down structure



Description of Task

Work Products


Est. Level of Effort



Setting out the needed materials for the training

&nbspThe agents should come out of the training session sufficiently trained to deliver the new mobile money transfer service



Plan and Supervise

Introduce the service operation to the agents

Project Manager


Create Plan

Development of WBS, work package identification, schedule formulation, staffing projection, resource estimation. Followed by development of a detail project plan that list all the key resources, task, milestones, dependencies, and duration.

Make it possible for agents to operate the service

Project Manager


Budget plan

Documenting the project plan


Project Manager


Prepare Disbursement / Reconciliation

Development of disbursement process for the project including acceptance/approval forms.

Purchase Orders, Deliverable Product Acceptance Form



Coordinate Activities

Ongoing planning activities for the project including weekly meetings

Meeting Minutes

Project Manager

8 hrs


Duncan,W. R. (2006). A guide to the project management body of knowledge.

Turner,J. R. (2009). Thehandbook of project-based management(Vol. 92). London: McGraw-Hill.