Nursing and Emerging Technology


Nursingand Emerging Technology

Nursingand Emerging Technology

Nursingis a dynamic field that incorporates several skills and applications,in a challenging health care environment. To solve some of thesechallenges the nursing practice has embraced the use of technologyand technological applications in health care. To fully exploit thepotential of the use of technology in nursing and general healthcare, it is important that nurses learn the skills needed to applythe applications and equipment in their practice. Technology innursing has helped in communication, medical records, diagnosis andtreatment of patients. However, it is worth understanding that thesebenefits come along a number of challenges that need solutions tofurther enjoy the benefits.

Medicalrecords are one of the most significant beneficiaries of the emergingtechnology. Through the development of medical record systems, thenursing tasks of understanding patient’s history are enhanced. Thisis because medical record systems store information about a previouspatient, which nurses can analyze even before the patient describeshis complaints. This development is important for BSN nurses who usesuch information to critically think and make decisions on thecurrent health status of a patient. The medical records are kept safeand the systems allow the migration of paper-based records to fullelectronic records through patient database systems.

Theuse of technology in nursing has impacted positively on thecommunication between nurses and other health workers in a healthcare setting. This leads to the effectiveness of their servicedelivery as well as coordination of tasks. In addition, communicationtechnology has improved the exchange of messages and informationbetween the nurses and patients in regard to their health status. Forinstance, patients can confirm their health session attendance andbookings with the hospitals through the internet or through thehospital-patient interactive systems. Moreover, communicationtechnology links nurses with external authorities that provideinformation about critical or urgent health care information such asoutbreaks or emergency notices.

Emergingtechnology has impacted the processes of diagnosing and treatingpatients. The technology is applicable in many diagnosis machinesthat use computer-based applications to examine patients, takescreens and interpret diagnostic information. In addition,technologically advanced machines and equipment are used to treatcertain conditions. Consequently, the use of technology in diagnosisand treatment is becoming a requirement in health care, whichrequires nurses to train in the use of such applications.

Despitethe benefits, adapting to the emerging technology is a majorchallenge facing the use technology towards these benefits. Somenurses do not know how to use such technology and many health carecenters are not committed to such trainings. In addition, the costsof installing and running some of the equipment associated with theemerging technology are high. Therefore, the costs present additionalchallenges towards their use. However, steps should be taken to adopthealth care in all facilities to the emerging technology on a gradualbasis. This will be affordable and will give the nursing staff timeto appreciate, train understand the use of emerging technology inhealth care.

Emergingtechnology is significant in the application of technologicallyadvanced equipment and applications in health care. This technologyenhances medical records, improves communication and facilitatesdiagnosis and treatments I a health care setting. However, they needto appreciate and train nursing staff on such technology as well asthe high costs of installation and maintenance presents challenges.This call for the adoption of emerging technology on a gradual basisas a way of improving the quality of health care service offered.