Obama`s Drawdown




Thedrawdown plan by president Obama involved residual reduction of theAmerican troops from the time of the pronouncement in 2011 onwards.This was after a review of the situation in Afghanistan that led topresident Obama’s decision to go from surge to shift drawdown. Thepresident ordered that America will not withdraw troops from the warravaged country, but will gradually monitor (Roggio&amp Radin, 2011). Thiswas because the review of the situation indicated that the Talibanforces had gained momentum in their quest to destabilize the country.Even though there were no expected attacks on the government, thethreat of the Islamic extremist is still alive in the warringcountry.

Thisstrategy was to allow for the gradual transfer of control of thecountry by both the NATO and the United States to Afghanistan.Originally, President Obama thought that the withdrawal of the unitedstates troops from Afghanistan would be a smooth exercise, that willnot affect the stability of the country. However, the situation wasdifferent due to the attacks by terrorist groups like the Talibanwhich necessitated a review of the situation. The in-fighting inAfghanistan is constant and does not show the confidence that wasexpected by the Obama administration.

Theshift in the plan was also necessitated by the need to employ specialoperations and raids as the main strategy of fighting terrorism(Roggio&amp Radin, 2011). Moreover,the continued stay of the United States and NATO forces was costingthe country a large sum of resources. Coupled with the consistentcriticism from the opposition and the anti-war Americans, thedrawdown plan by the president came as a response to these pressures.


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