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Pros and cons of abortion

Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades. While a vastmajority of the people tend to support the practice, another group ofpeople have no regard for the vice. The supporters of the vice havebeen described as pro-choice people. These are people who believethat women have a choice and should be given the freedom to choosewhat to do with their bodies. Pro-choice campaigners argue thatabortion is morally and legally right. The arguments put forward bythe pro-choice believers is that life starts at birth and thereforeabortion does not constitute murder. Equally, the pro-choicecampaigners argue that the life of the fetus is solely dependent onthe mother and that the health of the mother should be givenpriority. Additionally, the supporters of this practice state thatadoption does not substitute abortion. This is because there are onlyapproximately 3% of women who are willing to donate their children toadopting parents.

On the contrary the people against the practice or the pro-lifeindividuals are strongly opposed to the practice. The arguments putforward by the pro-life individuals are sufficient to withstand thecounter arguments of the pro-choice campaigners. According to thepeople who are against the vice, life starts at conception andtherefore abortion is equivalent to murder. The pro-life supportersalso state that there are adoption options for unwanted children bothin America and in other countries. With regard to safeguarding thehealth of the mother, the pro-life supporters argue that there aremodern medical practices, which can provide the required medical carerather than going for abortion.

The debate over the legality or illegality of abortion continues todate. The religious group have also been conjoined in the debate withalmost all of them being pro-life. However, the legal point of viewdoes not categorically state the point at which life starts. This hasmade it to be regarded as pro-choice.