One Year Promotion Plan


OneYear Promotion Plan

OneYear Promotion Plan

Theproduct and company that is under promotion is the Barilla SpA. Theability of the company to sell more of the pasta in a new location isby establishing a functional and effective promotional plan for thenext year. Barilla SpA is a leading manufacturer of Italian pastathat has revolutionized the market by strong marketing, branding andcompetitive advantage (Barilla Group, 2014). In relation to this casestudy, the company is facing challenges in their promotion anddistribution channel in the United States. As an Italian companysetting markets in the United States, this promotional plan willfocus on its presence in New York.

Thetarget market for this promotion plan is the market of LivingstonCounty in New York City. The exact location of Barilla Spa store inthe County is Avon village in the New York County. The county has apopulation of over 65,393 according to the 2010 census, while thelarger New York City has over 8.3 million people. This target marketis divided into the walk-in consumers and delivery consumers. Thispromotion plan for the company store in the county will approach thetwo consumers with different message but focusing on one promotionalplan.

Themain objective of the promotional plan is to increase the sales ofthe company while making it a preference of the New York customers.Since Barilla SpA pasta is a not an American company, the promotionplan will aim at three main objectives. First, this promotional planaims at establishing awareness of Barilla SpA pasta in New York. Thisawareness will start with the store location at Livingston County.Secondly, this promotional plan aims at an increase in the sales ofthe Barilla SpA pasta store in the Livingston County and in thelarger New York. This will be a resultant outcome of the store thathas low sales, as a new venture. Finally, this promotional plan aimsat creating a foundation for long-term market share in the New Yorkmarket.

Budgetand Budget Allocation

Thebudget technique used for this promotion plan is zero-basedbudgeting. The use of this technique will ensure that the costs ofthe promotion plan will be incurred on demand. The costs will bedistributed across the activities that are involved in the promotionplan. In addition, the costs will be allocated per the priority ofthe activities and according the importance of the activity to thefinal target.

Thebudget allocation of this promotional plan per year is $10,000. Thetotal amount for the promotion plan is to cover for the marketingcosts, advertising costs, promotional staff costs and media costs.The following are the budget costs and activities that thispromotional plan will focus.

Promotional Activity

Budget Allocation (in US Dollars)

Success Measure Metric

Media Coverage


Number of orders

Instant Messaging


Number of orders

Online Campaigns


Traffic in the company website.

Number of online orders

Outdoor Promotion


Number of orders

Direct Selling


Number of direct sales

Social Media Campaign


Number of social media following and resultant orders

Eachof the activities included in the budget involves a cost that isestimated as the anticipated cost. However, the cost of the activitywill be incurred once the activity has been approved and its realcost established. This is in accordance with the zero-budgetingtechnique, which will help Barilla SpA pasta store to reduce itscosts and create efficiency in the utilization of the promotionbudget. The promotional plan will focus range of pasta in the countyand in the larger New York market. This is because the promotionalplan intends to extend the market for the company by institutionmeasures that will become the foundation of the next year’spromotion all over New York. PromotionalActivities

Thepasta store will involve a range of promotional activities that willinclude all the aspects of product promotion. The main activitieswill be media coverage, instant messaging services, online campaign,outdoor promotion, direct selling and social media campaign.


Asa new establishment, Barilla SpA pasta will use all the mediaplatforms available in New York to pass the message to potentialcustomers. The company will use television for the first three monthswith a 30 second advert in one selected TV station and two selectedradio stations. After three months, three months, the media ads willbe run again on different media stations and the same processrepeated over the last two quarters of the year. The use of the printmedia will be necessary due to the population that reads newspapersand magazines. Therefore, Barilla SpA will run a newspaper advertevery Friday of every week and a magazine advert every month with oneselected magazine in New York.

InstantMessaging Services

Thecompany will engage in text messaging service as a way of providingpersonalized and direct messages to potential customers. To achievethis, the company will establish a promotional permission bycollaborating with promotional cell phone text messaging serviceproviders.


Thepasta store will engage in outdoor promotion using billboards instrategic locations that will attract the attention of many potentialconsumers. The Barilla SpA will also engage in giving of posters andbrochures to target customers for delivery services. This willspecifically target households and people at the offices in workingenvironments.


Thecompany will engage in direct selling as a way of gatheringinformation on the response of the customers on the brand and on thepromotional activities. Barilla SpA will intend to maintain a strongbrand promotion by engaging, robust direct sales teams. Through theseteams, the company will create personalized message to potential andtargeted customers.


BarillaSpA pasta store will engage in diversified advertising andpromotional programs in the online platforms. The company willestablish online promotion will online advertising agencies such asGoogle Ads and independent online traffic agencies. This will alsoinclude email marketing where personalized message will be sentthrough the online platform of the company, notably its website.


Inaddition to online promotional campaigns, Barilla SpA will engage inconsistent social media advertising to reach out to potentialcustomers. According to Kenneth and Traver (2014) the use of socialmedia and online messaging is gradually becoming a part of life ofboth people and organizations. Therefore, Barilla SpA will establishsocial media platforms on all social media sites that attract a largenumber of following.


Thepromotion plan will make the difference between the company’s pastabrands with the rest in the market. The company engages in tradepromotions, sales representatives, and advertising to achieve itsmarketing. Because of this promotional plan, the company will enjoy arobust market in order to establish presence in New York.


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