Part I list of elected representatives in Pomona, California, Zip code 91768

PartI list of elected representatives in Pomona,California, Zip code 91768

TheMayor is Elliott Rothman who was elected in the year 2008. Hegraduated from the University of La Verne with a degree in businessadministration. According to project vote smart, the gender of MayorElliot Rothman and ethnicity is not given. However, he is married toPam and both have one son. On the other hand, the County Supervisorof Pomona is Gloria Molina. She became the first Latina to getelected in the county board of supervisors. Gloria is married withone child (project vote smart).

TheState Assembly person of the district is Freddie Rodriguez. He wasborn and raised in Pomona. Before, joining political office Freddiehad served as an Emergency Medical Technician for over 29 years. Heis married with four children. The State Senator representing thedistrict is Norma J. Torres. She immigrated to America from Guatemalaand is married with three children. Torres attended the NationalLabor College for her Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies. On theother hand, the U.S. Representative is Gloria Negrete McLeod. She ismarried to a retired police lieutenant and has ten children. Gloriais described as an advocate for women and fights hard to help womenand their families, especially during difficult economic times(project vote smart).

Finally,the two U.S. Senators of Pomona district include: Senator DianneFeinstein, who is married with one child and 3 stepchildren. Dianneis well known for her independent voice and work collaboratively withboth the Republicans and Democrats, in order to come up withsolutions affecting California and nation as a whole. Additionally,she became the first elected woman at the San Francisco Board ofSupervisors, first woman as California senator, mayor in SanFrancisco, and also the first woman to be elected as a member of thesenate judiciary committee. The other Senator is Barbara Boxer. Bornin Brooklyn in 1940 Barbara is a female and she is married with twochildren. In addition, she is known as the first woman to be voted inas the chairman of U.S Senate committee on Environment and Publicworks. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s degreein Economics (project vote smart).

Therepresentative who is the closest match to the way I may be describedis Gloria Molina. I am an Asian and immigrated to U.S with my familywhen I was 16 years old. The main reason why she matches is becauseshe is also an immigrant and her accomplishment representsdetermination despite ones’ ethnic background. Similar to mycharacters, she can be described as a fighter and a groundbreakerpossessing ability to achieve victory regardless of anyinsurmountable odds. Additionally, she fights hard to eliminateracism in America through her community empowerment center. Racismis reported everywhere from schools, workplaces, in the news andneighborhood. The media is a powerful tool for propagating racism andprejudices. Racism is visible as the racially oppressed groups endurewith their struggle for equal access to opportunities and dwindlingresources in the country. I also would like to eliminate racism sinceas a result of racism the American society suffers in many ways suchas limiting knowledge of other cultures. Through racist assumptionsin the society, racism is transmitted and sometimes people are notaware of this process.

Onhis priority as an elected official, Mayor Elliott Rothman made astatement that affirmed public safety as his main concern. The mayorreiterated that crime is not acceptable, and thus increased policeforce would help keep Pomona families safe. On the other hand,Freddie Rodriguez, the State Assembly person statement includedrevitalizing the economy as a priority. Freddie Rodriguez statementseems to best represent my priorities for government and publicpolicies. This is because the country was experiencing huge problemsaffecting the economy, such as the financial crisis facing the worldtoday that started in America in the year 2008. The financial crisisin U.S is believed to have been caused by the housing market. At thetime, the housing prices had rapidly increased due to lower interestrates, excessive loans and speculations in the market. The highprices of housing reflected an increased demand which continued evenafter the supply of housing increased. As a result, housing andother asset bubble burst triggered the financial crisis, whichspilled over into the real economy of the country.

Apolitical party is important for democracy and acts a link betweenpolitics and society. In fact, citizens express their intereststhrough their political parties. Political parties play severalcrucial functions that include: developing policies and programs.Secondly, political parties are significant since they cater fortheir citizen’s concerns and demands in the society and evaluatethese issues into policies. In summary, political analysts agree thatcompetition among political parties is responsible for sustainingdemocracy.

PartII importance of representation

Aspart of modern democratic politics, all citizens have a right to berepresented by their elected officials. Democracy can be defined theprocess where all citizens are able to exercise their power and civicresponsibility, either directly or indirectly through theirrepresentatives. Citizens are free to exercise their rights whichincludes participating in the political process of the state, theduty to act responsibly, pay taxes consistently and cooperate withthe government authorities for the preservation of the common good ofall. The main importance of representation is that a citizen’sthoughts and ideas are fairly put through their electedrepresentatives. Constituents elect their representatives in order tomake representations on their behalf to both the government and thepublic service. On the other hand, representatives are heldaccountable for decisions which enhance democracy. As a matter offact, they perform the function of monitoring the expenditure ofpublic money, as well as government actions. In addition, they play abig role that concerns educating the public about political issues.Representation allows minorities voice to be heard and ensure thatthey are better represented. Those who participate politically canshape government ways of protecting and promoting health for all.

Externalcharacteristics such as gender and ethnicity are important for equalrepresentation. Equal representation cannot be overstated, since allcitizens have an equal right to involve in local and nationalgovernance despite their ethnicity, gender, religion, or othercharacteristics. Today, women are inadequately represented in mostparliaments. Gender balanced representation is significance to ensureagreement or disagreement on priorities. In fact, in male-dominatedparliament, priority of issues facing women will not be given orwomen concerns will not receive equal attention. Therefore, a moregender balanced representation will enhance equality and justice forall in the society.

Letterto the Senator


24thJune, 2014

TheHonorable Norma J. Torres,

Pomona,California, zip code 91768

Re:Torres bill #

Dearsenator Torres,

Iam a registered voter in the Pomona district. The main aim of writingthis letter concerns Torres bill which seeks to help the youthsucceed and become stable and independent by offering themtransitional housing. I strongly agree to this bill and ask you tovote for it since it will help to minimize challenges faced by youthwhen completing their college education. Thank you for your time.


Letterto the U.S. Representative


24thJune, 2014

TheHonorable Gloria Negrete McLeod

Pomona,California, zip code 91768

DearRepresentative McLeod,

Asa resident of Pomona, am deeply concerned about youth violence whichis causing serious challenges in our city for several years. First,the government has to come up with various steps that will help todeal with this menace. Understanding youth problems both while atschool and in the community is one of the most crucial steps thatwill provide information to the authorities about the nature, and howthis challenge starts. Therefore, I strongly urge you to devise somestrategies that will help to deal with youth violence. On the otherhand, prevention strategies such as, programs and activities shouldalso be developed in order to tackle this problem prevalent in ourdistrict. Nevertheless, this serious problem of youth violence can beeradicated by coordinating different strategies which include:community mobilization, opportunities provision, social intervention,suppression, and organizational development.

Thankyou for your time



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