Personal Artifact Interpretation and Memo


PersonalArtifact Interpretation and Memo

ArtifactInterpretation: President Eisenhower Speech

Theartifact under review is a speech by one of the most respectedleaders in the American history, President Eisenhower. This artifactwas selected because it had significance on 17thJanuary,1961, when he addressed the Americans and still has similarsignificance in the current day. The speech by President Eisenhoweris one of the most famous and significant presidential nationaladdress in the history of the United States. The culture of theAmerican nation to remain as a liberal culture that appreciatespeople to achieve their dreams was reflected by the need for peace inthe land. This paper will explore President Eisenhower’s speech asan artifact and how it portrays the culture of the Americans.

Theculture of Americans to love their nation is shown by the words thatPresident Eisenhower`s speech uses to present an emotionalcommunication. The speech gives a warning that shows the extent thatAmericans can take to promote their values t the world. He uses thespeech to give a warning of a threat to the democratic Americangovernment due to what he called military-industrial complex (David7).President Eisenhower described the situation at the time as complexsince it involved relationship between the military and militarycommercial contractors. President Eisenhower`s warning was about themilitary relationship with large arms industry organizations, showingthe loyalty and love for their country’s security.

Thespeech tells about the culture of Americans to love their nation, andcan do anything to teach other Americans how to teach other citizensthe same ideology. This is evident because President Eisenhower knewof the costs involved in the arming process after completing his twoterms in office. Therefore, he was giving a warning against somethinghe knew.

Theargument of the speech translates to an advice that America needed toact with intelligence of purpose and learn the long term importanceand difference created by avoiding arms. President Eisenhower’sspeech further illustrates his role in finding a solution, andexplains his disagreement with military expansion. He asserts thathis efforts to disarm the country were the reason why he had arguedfor limited budgets to the pentagon. The purpose of this speech was,and still is, to discourage what he thought to be ineffective for thecountry.

Theimpact of the speech relates to events in the United States since histime, until the current time. The warning that President Eisenhowergave back in 1961 is still relevant even today. The kind of worriesexpressed by the speech and the questions he was asking would be theexact questions a rational American would ask today. This is becausethe circumstances that united states are similar. The country isfacing similar threats of increased militarization and constantlybeing involved in many conflicts in the world.

Thecurrent American culture is highly influenced by technology as partof militarization which makes the speech the speech a relevantartifact to date. If President Eisenhower would give the speechtoday, he probably would get concerned about the involvementtechnologically advanced weapons as the world gradually getssuspicious (Susan, 1). As an influential country in the world, thenation should be concerned about the threat that militarization posesto other nations threatening them to militarize as well.

Indiscussing the speech as an artifact, one of the assumptions made isthat the speech is relevant to the American culture from 1960’s upto date. Another assumption is that the speech by the president was adirect response to the militarization of the American government atthe time. This means that the warning that President Eisenhower gavein his 1961 has been experienced in the current political scenariofaced by the United States. This is because since his speech, theUnited States has been involved world conflicts and has beendedicating significant resources in the military. The country hashandled internal or cross-border war situation in many countriessince then. Finally, I made the assumption that the speech by thepresident reflects the values and aspirations of the Americans at thetime, and reflect the same culture today.


Theartifact that I analyzed sparked the need to take a reflection in mylife and evaluate my purpose in life and how I will impact thecommunity. President Eisenhower gave a speech in his farewell, but itcame to be one of the most important advices that he ever gave theAmerican people and the world at large. This means that I should befocusing my life towards making a difference in the community. I canonly make this mark if I perform my tasks diligently and create anexemplary life. I should be able to identify what is wrong in thecommunity and even in the country and advice or talk about it.However, I cannot identify the wrongs in the community if I am doingthe wrong things. Therefore, my main lesson leant from this speech isthat I need to do the right thing for the community to do the rightthings.


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