Personal Branding Plan


PersonalBranding Plan

PersonalBranding Plan

Humanbeing`s potential is a paradox that unites us as a family and at thesame time promotes uniqueness within the united family. Having gifts,talents, dreams and life changing opportunities unite people and alsoprovide unlimited opportunities in the contemporary society. Dreams,gifts, talents and life callings are different in nature and thatbrings up the aspect of uniqueness. I have a natural sense of being aleader, because of my ability to make what are perceived to berational decisions. For instance, I attended a youth conference wherewe were all strangers, we were divided into groups and made to choosea leader for each group, as much as the interaction between us hadbeen limited I was made a group leader. The groups were then askedwhy they choose their leaders, my group answered that I made a firstgood impression. I have always been the sports captain, the debatingclub leader, the project leader and all kinds of leadership positionshave been given to me because I have that edge over my peers. That initself makes me a unique individual in a complete human family.

Thereare very many companies present in the society with each one of themoffering employment opportunities to skilled and unskilled laborforce. I have preference of companies I would like to work for witheach one of them having created a significant influence in thesociety. The companies are Google, Wal-Mart, Bain and Company andDiscover. There are two main reasons that make these organizations mypotential future workplace. First, it is because of their involvementin giving back to the society. An organization like Google donates$50 for every five hours an employee volunteers. Employees are alsosent on community projects like recently they were taken to Ghana andIndia (Fortune, 2014). That provides employees with the satisfactionof giving back to the society. The other companies are also involvedin giving back to the society like Wal-Mart (Okulski, 2012).

Secondly,the working environment that is provided by organizations differs.That is in terms of nurturing talents, providing more opportunitiesand engaging personal growth. There are organizations which limit anindividual’s ability to grow and become a better employee. Giang(2012) in Business Insider ranked the organizations among top 25companies that provide the best working environment for theiremployees in terms of balancing between personal time and work life.There is provision of adequate benefits, vacation and compensationpackages which cover for the services rendered. Employees have theability to work while at the same time interact with their families(Okulski, 2012).

Thechallenging part in the contemporary society is contactingorganizations and engaging people who have the ability to influencehiring decisions. The social media network provides solution to thechallenge. Organizations and their top staff are involved in socialmedia interaction, hence it is easy to find them, follow them andengage in conversations directly without any form of pressure. Thatway, it is easy to interact with them and keep a close eye on theirupdates. Sharing their updates, leaving smart comments and askingquestions in the social media platforms will make it hard for me notto be noticed. There is, however, a limit that must be set which willensure that I don’t cross the line between interested networkingand a stalker. That means that I will not be obsessive, butconsiderate just to get noticed and get feedback for my interest.


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