Personal Experience Essay


Student Name’s

Many say that you need to live it for you to understand it. My name is Jim. My life hasn`t been a bed of roses. Neither was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I can almost say that life has thrown at me more than what I can stomach. Having come from a very poor background, my parents were not able to provide a decent meal for me leave alone afford school fees to pay for my education. I come from a very remote area of Hong Kong. There is no electricity in this area, neither is there clean water. I have gone though school with a lot of difficulties. Due to our poor condition, my family did not afford to buy me proper school uniform. Most of my classmates laughed at me because my school short was torn. All these family problems have affected my academic performance in a great way.

As if all these predicaments were not full on my table, my grandfather passed on in the year 2011. He supported my family and me in many ways. He chipped in to pay for my school fees whenever I was sent home from school. The death of my grandfather was a huge blow to the whole family, but it affected me more than anyone can ever imagine. Grandfather was the one helping my parents to pay for the mortgage. My level of concentration in class dropped drastically and I started performing even worse in my academics. I was almost depressed because of my grandfather`s death. I was expelled from my former college because of my poor performance. No one understood what I was going through. I joined a new college due to the help of my father.

After my grandfather`s death, things went from bad to worse. We were thrown out of the house since we could not pay the mortgage. We lived with my father`s friend for a few months while my parents were trying to sort out the mortgage issue. Life at my father`s friend wasn`t easy either. We were treated like trash and sometimes they scorned and mocked us in our very own presence. This started taking a negative toll on my parents` marriage. They almost divorced in 2012 because of the predicaments that we were going through. As usual, I was the most affected one with their squabbles and my academic performance become even worse.

Every cloud has a silver lining indeed. Things started looking brighter for us when my father got a job with the National bank. My parents are back together and our family is so happy. Since our financial problems have declined in a greater way, I am now in a position to afford a university education. I want to pursue a degree in this university but due to my poor grades in the past, I am afraid I might not be given an admission. I have taken time to explain the reasons why my performance was poor. All I need is a chance to prove that I can do better. Kindly try to walk a mile in my shoes and you will understand where it has been hurting me. Everyone deserves a second chance and I am not an exception, and if am given a chance, I will not disappoint you in any way.