Personal Interpretation of Fiction Essay


PersonalInterpretation of Fiction Essay


Thecollege freshmen are conscientious and extroverts as a group. Theyseek comprehensive understanding of an issue from a logicperspective. The students are impressed by socializing events thatenable them to engage directly in a given activity. On the otherhand, freshmen detest monologues presented in without incorporatinghumor and audience participation. A good understanding of criticalelements required for addressing freshmen is critical when developinga disciplinary literacy project as the educator will incorporatehumor, questions, and discussion opportunities that will help thestudents to participate actively in a lesson. In addition, thestudents often develop a good capacity for understanding a giventopic.


Ihave chosen strategic communications as all students requirescomprehensive understanding of communication strategies that sustainstrategic goals of an individual or business. The audience requiresunderstanding and communicating the strategic objectives.


Theproject will be based on strategic communication genre. One of themajor conventions of communication includes creating a powerfulstrategic foundation. In addition, the project requires combinationof appropriate tools, such as the What/How/Who Model that is wellmapped with the calendar. A planning process is also valuable forensuring that each objective is on target, as well as it starts well.


Theintention of strategic communication is ensuring that the targetaudience receives quality information, which gives them a positiveimpression towards the primary goal.


Someof the rhetorical elements that can be changed when developingstrategic communication include the language used and incorporatingrhetorical questions that will help challenge the audience to thinkof solutions from the presenter’s angle. In addition, the speakershould use simple language, with no jargons, to enable the studentsdevelop a good understanding of the subject. Lastly, the speakershould feature question and answer sessions that will enable thestudents actively in the lesson.

Q6. The project will be a ten-minute presentation file of 12-15 MBs. Thespeaker will store and share the information in form of a PowerPointpresentation. The document will remain valuable throughout the firstyear in college, so the presenter will keep and distribute it duringthe entire period. The best format for saving the document would bePDF.