Personal Literacy Narrative

PersonalLiteracy Narrative

Welive in a world where nations only think about things involving theireconomy and security. On a more basic level, individuals only takeinto consideration only what benefits them. However, a small numberof the populace has an urge of making a difference to the world. Forinstance, the inspirational story of the starfish thrower by LorenEasley depicts how a single person does what is right despite howsmall significant his good deed will be. The boy believes that, bythrowing a single starfish back into the ocean, he has made a greatdifference to that one starfish.

Somepeople argue that, for instance, if one person starts recycling, butno one else does that is not going to change the worldsignificantly. However, if many people begin recycling, people willsee the difference. Therefore, according to their point of view, itdoes not take one person to change the world. It takes many people tochange the world. After all, the world belongs to more than oneperson. However, this is not necessarily the case. If every personthought from this perspective, it would be a challenge for someone tohave the courage of making a difference. Like the starfish thrower inthe Loren Easley story, people should automatically find anenthusiasm within themselves to make a positive change in the world.

Inmy experience, an old man in my community saw that it was notnecessary to throw plastic bags into a nearby dam. This was after hediscovered a water bird engulfed in a polythene bag, and after itcould not move or fly, it drowned to death. He made a decision ofrecycling or at least properly disposing of plastics. If one personis doing a good thing, and knows it is a good thing that could helpchange the world for the better, and then that one person is mostlikely going to tell other people, or at least one more person. Sooneveryone will follow suit. Every person in the community learned itfrom that old man and followed his steps. Now who changed the world?Is it the old man or everyone working together? I would say thateveryone made the actual change together. However, we cannot forgetthat without that one person this group would not have formed.

Oneperson can make a difference, and even if it is to only one person,it is still making the world a better place. Acts of kindness gounnoticed far more frequently than they do not, but that is not thepoint. Doing the right thing is, and for the right reasons, so youcan feel ok with yourself. I think it would make a bit of adifference. I recognize that when I spend several additional secondsand hold the door for the next person entering the building, theywill do the same for the following individual entering.

Inconclusion, there is something exceptionally unique in every singleperson. We have all been skilled with the capability to make positiveimpacts to different people. If we can realize that power, we gainthrough the strong point of our ideas the power to mould thepotential. We must all find our starfish. Additionally, if we wiselythrow our stars, we will make the world a better place to live in.