Personal Statement




Overthe past years, I have experience low esteem due to my skinappearance. I suffer from cystic, which is a common conditions thatcan appear anywhere under the skin. However, cystic are huge peasbeneath the skin surface (WebMD, n.d), and this has haunted myconscious as well as having a negative feeling on how I look andfeel. To overcome this phobia, I was driven by passion to undertakethe esthetician course. This course enabled me to learn on how tohandle my condition as well as assisting other peoples’ who aregoing through such embarrassing situation.

Itis worth noting that my primarily objectives of becoming anesthetician are to help people feel better about how they look andfeel, educate on skin care for different skin conditions and typesand to make a real change in a person’s skin appearance than just aspa that is more for relaxing. By achieving this, I will have playedrole in social responsibilities by making an impact on peoples’lives.

Icompleted esthetics school and certified, and due to great desire ofattaining high goals, I also took an extra classes on medicalesthetics, PCA skin care and professional makeup class. And throughthis, I gained an advanced knowledge on facials, waxing, medicalmicrodermabrasion, dermal planning, high pressure saline, chemicalpeels, lights, laser and pulse light.

Insummary, I strongly believe that, learning this course has enabled meto conquer my fear by facing it positively. I will able to offer freeadvice to my friends as well as any other person who may be goingthrough such conditions. This will greatly boost people’s selfesteem on how they look and feel great.


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