Pick-a Panel





Thepanel of discussion is in comicmemoir number one, panel number oneof the comic presentation. Panelthree isa unique modification to the entire comic memoir as the coloristfocused on deliver through the third panel. The penciller focused onthe three panels to deliver a unique visual effect to the audience orreader. Each of the three panels portrays different moods to thereader or audience with specific intentions from the comic memoir.Emanate used in the three panels effectively address thematicsymbolism from the first reader’s expression. This comic techniqueis a traditional form of comic presentation. The technique completesthe purpose of the graphics presented by elaborating the artist’sintentions. The cartooning of the panels illustrates a progressiveteasing of a single panel. The caricature of the comic memoirdevelops from the third panel depicting a graphic theme of thecontemporary society.

Thetext supports the panel through the iconic presentation of the entirememoir. This technique supports the image by elaborating the textfurther. As such, the text draws the meaning from the images andemphasizes the meaning to the audience or reader. The index of thethree panels presents a significant connection to the audience in thecomic memoir. The motion line by panel three depicts a contextualcoverage that connects to the initial text. This connection depicts atargeted presentation by the editor. The artistic style is anAmerican technique justified by the background and panel motionlines. The diegesis of the comic presented develops from the panelbackground. This formulates a valid connection between the panels,the audience and the cartoonist.


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