Plays as Film YOUR _

Plays asFilm YOUR _



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  1. State and explain the premise of the play?

A: The premise is that Romeo and Juliet are two lovers who fight allodds to ensure that they end up together in marriage. There is muchhatred between the Capulet and Montague families over long termsfeuds that have been there for long. The two lovebirds struggle tokeep their love affairs from their families since they don’t wantany form of interference from them.

  1. Describe the exposition.

A: The film is concerned with showing the younger generation theimpacts that families’ relations have on love affairs. The filmteaches the audience that they can go beyond their limits to followtheir hearts and do what they believe is best for them. The story istold in a modern fashion where music, context, and costumearrangements are well documented.

  1. What is the inciting incident? Give the exact line or action.

A: The inciting incident is where Romeo meets Juliet for the firsttime and they end up kissing without even taking time to know eachother’s name.

  1. Why is this the inciting incident?

A: It is because the whole play has been centering on the lives andactivities of these two characters that happens to hail from familiesthat have a lot of hatred for each other. Their meeting andunexpected fall in love becomes a controversial event in the story.

  1. Describe the events of the rising action.

A:The rising action is portrayed by the events that happens betweenthe meeting of Romeo and Juliet and their secret weeding. The peoplethat facilitate this are the maiden nurse and Friar Lawrence whoconducts their activities in secrecy.

  1. What is the climax? Give the exact line or action.

A: The plans by the nurse and Friar Lawrence to wed these twolovebirds in secret becomes the climax since the audience isconcerned with what will happen after the wedding that does notinvolve parents of the two lovers. It is clear that after thiswedding the search for a soul mate for both parties shall come to anend.

  1. Why is this the climax?

A: It is the climax because the audience expects the Romeo andJuliet to marry one another since they are so in love and are fond ofeach other. The marriage has to be the end of their searchingactivities since each seems to have found the right person.

  1. Describe the events of the falling action.

A: Falling action comes about when Romeo flees from the territoryafter killing a fellow country man. The audience is not sure if thetwo love birds will ever meet again after the letter sent by FriarLawrence to Romeo fails to be delivered as expected.

  1. Describe the denouement/resolution.

A: resolution comes about when Juliet is instructed by Friar Lawrenceto pretend to be dead to avoid marrying another man. Romeo comes backonly to find that Juliet is “dead” thus prompting him to killhimself. Juliet comes out of grave to find that Romeo is dead and shealso decides to take her own life.

  1. If you were to adapt this play to a film (or vice versa for lesson 11) what would you change or do differently and WHY?

A:Addition of music shall be critical in the sense that there arevarious scenes, which shall need background music to help in bringingout various tones and moods that shall help to boost both theunderstanding and participation of the audience.