Poor academic performance


Pooracademic performance



MyGPA`s has been frustrating for the last two semesters, and I takethis chance to explain why this has been happening so that you canreconsider my continuation in the coming semester. To start with, Icome from a poor background the primary element is survival and theonly opportunity I have to do my revision is at school. This hasaffected my academic performance because I only study when am in theclassroom. Further during holidays am forced to pursue careers thatdon’t allow me to spare some time for my education. My familyhistory has no college graduates making it hard to get support duringmy homework. My parents motivate me on the need for education. Ibelieve that the stress from my daily drinking dad is a factorleading to my poor performance.

Secondly,being the only Chinese student at our class, I am discriminated ongrounds of my race and this has significantly led to my poorperformance. I hardly get any colleague to assist me with my schoolrevision. I have tried to make friends, but this has been in vain. Wefrequently receive work for discussions in groups but am alwayssegregated from the groups. Further, I do not get a chance to shareany of the school facilities with other students. On the same point,I have developed negative attitudes towards some of the subjectsbecause these subjects are mostly based on reviews, and I hardly getany members to discuss with. This has affected by performance.

Iconsider myself a failure and I have never shared this depressionwith my parents or friends. I am always embarrassed with this poorperformance and will appreciate your consideration for my applicationnext semester. I will work hard to overcome the personal barriersincluding my lack of interest to particular subjects. I will alsoconsult with my tutors in all the fields that I encounterdifficulties for their guidance. I will increase my research workthrough scholarly journals. I will take extra tutorial classes thatwill help me improve on my academics. Further, I will considerguidance and counselling from experts in the school.

Ihave high hopes that my reinstatement will be accepted. However, inthe event that my reinstatement is denied, I consider a number ofital. activities I can participate in. To start with, I will catch upon learning by taking some individual guided classes as well asacquire new skills. In addition, I would gladly participate incommunity development projects as a way of giving back to thecommunity.