Popular Culture and Soft Power

PopularCulture and Soft Power

PopularCulture is an important source of soft power in America. Popularculture has the capability to influence the public in an unknowinglyand subtle manner. It can be defined as the totality of perspectives,norms, and ideas in the mainstream. Popular culture impact people’sattitudes and values in a negative or positive way (Seiler, 2004).American popular culture reflects individualism, capitalism, freedom,and liberation. Soft power on the other hand, can be referred to as amethod of using attraction to influence the public and not to useforce methods to do the same. Today, film and television presentimages of vampires, zombies, aliens, asteroids, harmful airbornetoxics, and werewolves evading America (Edwards, 2013). The image ofAmerica can be made favorable by use of popular culture as softpower. It has both a way of creating influence that affects thegovernment and the politicians, and also a way of transmittingpositive and social messages to the entire world (Nye, 2008).

Revolutionis film that has helped many people to experiment with form, toappreciate art, and to contact with spheres not available directly.In the film, electrical devices stop to operate due to emergence ofsome mysterious events around the world. As a result, many lives arelost due to airborne planes clashing the earth (Seiler, 2004).Consequently, all institutions dissolve and people are to rely ontheir personal skills to survive. America divides into variouspolitical units because the government around the world has alreadycollapsed. According to Smith (2004), this television film reflectshow governments have grown too remote and big, thus neglecting theordinary citizens. According to (Ammon, 2001), the governments aroundthe world needs to be reduced so as to meet its citizen’s demandsand needs. Failure to this, perhaps such a catastrophic event can cutthe budget. As a result, change will be experienced for once. Seiler(2004) suggests Revolutionsetting presents the American dream of people’s need to have goodliving standards. This is a universal dream for many people aroundthe world. The shrinking of the government institutions depicts selffulfillment and improvement, thus creating an environment where softpower is promoted. The superpowers also used present America as aland of possibilities.


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