Population and Biodiversity Discussions


Populationand Biodiversity Discussions

PopulationIssues Discussion

WhileI worked on this task, an estimated 50,000 new babies were born inthe world. This is because the world’s birth rate is currentlyestimated at 15,000 births per hour and I spent 3 hours and 20minutes researching, reading and working on this task. This shows howthe population is increasing at a high rate compared to the rate atwhich the world is generating resources to handle the increase. Infact, it is worrying that the world is spending its natural resourcesat a high rate and polluting the environment thereby riskingproduction for sustenance of the growing population.

Therefore,governments should get more proactive and practical by regulating theworld population. From the insight of Paul Hewitt, the mostinteresting median age is 28 years. This is because it is theestimated age at which people give birth globally. It is also the agethat many people concentrate on building families, therefore, anappropriate age for people to be taught about birth control.

BiodiversityDiscussion 2

Thetwo approaches have the benefit of preserving the typical features ofthe species through the preservation of the seeds or the DNA samples.In addition, these two approaches help in research of the diversitiesamong species. This is because they allow the comparison of thefeatures of each of the species through their study. However, theapproaches do not consider the changes of the species that are causedby the environment through natural selection and adaptation.Consequently, these approaches may give inaccurate results orobservation of the features of a species.

Theapproaches are the right thing to do despite the exposure thatspecies experience in their natural habitat. This is because there isno other way of preserving the species in its natural form. Thechanges that take place through the interaction of the species withthe environment can only be considered in natural observation of thespecies or through a study, but cannot be preserved.