Post Responses Drug-Induced Psychosis


PostResponses: Drug-Induced Psychosis

PostResponses: Drug-Induced Psychosis


Thepost presents a clear illustration of the description of thepsychosis that is substance-induced. The post presents facts thatpatients for this psychosis are regular in hospital admissionsbecause of the use of hard drugs. As recommended by Sadock and Sadock(2007), this post explains that clinicians and medics should take anOral Potent Antipsychotic first before proceeding to have injectionsfor such patients. However, this post does not provide any supportingdata on the prevalence of such aspects of substance-inducedpsychosis.


Theintroduction of this post focuses on the style of presentation ratherthan the introductory content. However, the post presents informationon synthetic cathinones in a well illustrated and presented manner.The post comprehensively describes the prevalence of the syntheticcathinones in the area of the writer as a means of precipitatingpsychosis. As described by Gururajan (2012) this post furtherexplains that they can be used in a variety of means such asinjection and inhalation. The post is relevant because it approachesthe situation presented by the psychosis in a practical manner. Thepost further describes the opinio2n and considerations of medics onthe synthetic cathinones as well as their effectiveness on thecondition.


Thispost describes the informative and interesting presentation, but theauthor takes a different perspective. The post evaluates thepresentation as a focus on substances that are linked with druginduced psychosis. However, according to Gururajan (2012), it is thepsychosis that is linked with drugs as the cause. However, the postfurther describes substance abuse as the cause for psychosis.Moreover, the post uses studies to validate the argument, which makesthe information more relevant and verifiable.


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