Presentence Investigation Report


PresentenceInvestigation Report

Thepresentence investigation report entails an investigation conductedby a probation officer towards an offender it seeks to generate anabsolute profile of a given offender (Hayes &ampCraddock,1992). The presentence investigation report has four primarypurposes. One of these basic purposes is helping the court in makingan appropriate sentencing decision (Abadinsky, 2012). This isimportant as this report helps in making the right decision againstor for probation. Besides, this is important as it determines theright length of sentence. The second basic reason of the PSI reportis serving as the ground for a plan of either probation or parolesupervision and treatment. This report depicts the problematic areasin a defendant’s life, his/her capacity for using help, and theavailable opportunities in the community.

Thethird basic reason of the PSI report is assisting prison and jailpersonnel in their classification and treatment programs (Abadinsky,2012). This is critical since institutions usually depend on thereport the moment an inmate is received for the first time. The PSIreport is also critical as it helps in planning for the custody,care, and rehabilitation of an inmate. This entails everything fromthe type of custody needed and the care of physical needs to theplanning of the different phases of the institutional program.

Onthe other hand, the fourth basic reason of the PSI report isproviding parole authorities with information relevant to releaseplanning and consideration for parole and determination of any uniqueconditions of supervision (Abadinsky, 2012). Therefore, the PSIreport is important in providing additional information concerning anoffender this can be utilized by a judge in determining the rightsentence.


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