Presidential Elections Campaign

PresidentialElections Campaign

PresidentialElections Campaign

InRupa, a lot has to be done about the level of education. At present,the illiteracy level stands and 73%. This figure could be interpretedto me that only around a quarter of the population is literate. Thosewho have attained minimal university education make up 40% of thecountry’s population. It means that the access to universities isdifficult for the citizens, or the stakes are too high for them. Thepercentage of the population that has graduated from high school is68%. While compared to the 92% that have acquired primary education,the gap is worrying.

Mypresidential candidate Jose Rufia has to roll out a winning agenda onthe reforms of the education sector that outdoes that of hiscompetitor, Jorge Somes. To begin with, Rufia has to focus onreducing the cost of education in Rupa. In light that the gap betweenthe rich and the poor is still great, the cost of education upto thehigh school level will be financed by his government. Rufia’sgovernment will also subsidize university education by 50%. In thisway, the number of people enrolling for high school education willrise, and so will that who will qualify for university ultimately,the illiteracy level will be slashed by a great margin (Howell, West&amp Peterson, 2012).

Rufia’sgovernment will also foster the development of Information Technologyin the education centre. There will be introduced ICT lessons in thecurriculum from the Primary school level (Howell, West &ampPeterson, 2012). The project will be financed by the government.Complementary activities will include the electrification of ruralareas and the training of tutors. The incorporation of IT in thecurriculum will help ensure that the country’s population is at parwith the current trends in the world and will have simplified thedissemination of information between learners and tutors.


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