Professional Email





ProfessionalEmail: Request for Thursday and Friday voicemail training sessions


Thisis a prompt and quick communication for a compulsory voicemailtraining session scheduled Thursday and Friday. The training sessionis an activity that has to be undertaken in response to theavailability of a new phone system installation that happened overthe weekend. The scheduled training starts between and 11am.Each of you should choose a day convenient to him since attendanceshall be at least once and is compulsory.


Theemail that was sent by the manager to me was rather casual in itsapproach since it lacked the usual professional salutation and statusrecognition. The manager’s note assumes that employees are alreadyaware of such changes in the phone system and that they ought toparticipate in the training sessions that will enhance their skillsover the usage of the same system. The manager’s not portrays thelevel of inappropriateness that is present between the managers andtheir juniors in organizations (Zając,2013).The prospects of chains of command are regarded by this mail thusleading to severe violations of the professional ethics.

Aprofessional email is a precise communication channel that addressesrelevant matters of discussions. The email has to cover the subjectmatter adequately without basing on the emotional attachments betweenthe senders and recipients (Zając,2013).The email entails a greeting segment which assumes a name when therecipient is a definite individual. The content of a professionalemail also entails a short message segment that contains the specificmessage destined for a specified recipient.

Aprofessional email is an exemplary business discussion or applicationstatement. The contents of a professional email are supposed to coverthe intended audience. The emails also have to ensure that properindividual titles with respective address channels are maintained andobserved. The last segment of a professional email contains a signoff note that is an appreciation. Etiquette forms a largecontribution to the general communication of the professional email(Zając,2013).This pattern shows respect to the intended audience andprofessionalism as a dominant aspect.


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