Professional Organizations for Mental Health

ProfessionalOrganizations for Mental Health

ProfessionalOrganizations for Mental Health


Differentorganizations support the use of varying approaches in the treatmentof mental disorders. There are two common themes in mental healthwebsites, including the American Art Therapy Association (AATA),American Counseling Association (ACA), and American Dance TherapyAssociation (ADTA). First, the three professional organizations placemore emphasis on the need for advancing education among thetherapists. This has been accomplished through the publication of therequirements to become a therapist in each discipline and howeducational qualifications can be attained. Secondly, the threeorganizations suggest that successful treatment depends on thequalification of the therapist. Consequently, they direct theirmembers and the general public on how to access qualifiedprofessional therapists.


Thedistinctive themes found on AATA’s website include the need forcollaborating with other organizations in the field of dance therapyand being culturally sensitive in order to ensure successfultreatment. Distinctive themes found on the ACA’s website includeethical considerations in the field of counseling, importance ofhuman development in counseling, and the use of creativity to ensurethat the treatment is successful. The distinctive themes found on theADTA’s website include the use of dance as a tool for improvingclients’ competence in terms of effective communication andimprovement in self esteem.

Aprofessional in AATA would contribute to the treatment of depressionby helping clients to creative processes, art media, and resultingartwork to reconcile their internal conflicts, manage their behavior,and enhance self-awareness. A professional from the ACA wouldcontribute towards the treatment of depression by holding purposefulconversations with the client in order to identify the underlyingcause of depressions and then help the client find a solution totheir problem. A professional from ADTA would contribute towards thetreatment of depression by using movement to improve emotional,physical, social, and cognitive integration of the affected person.


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