Project #3 Genre Guide


Project#3 Genre Guide





1.You have a specific audience of college freshmen for this project.What do you know about college freshmen as a group? (What are theirinterests? How do they prefer to communicate? What kinds of thingsget their attention? What kinds of things bore them? Etc.) Write downwhat you know — and why those ideas might be important for you toconsider as you create this project.

&nbspCollegefreshmen are usually anxious about many things as they enter college.This is because they had been living in a world with restrictionswhere their parents used to keep an eye on them at all times. Whenthey join college, these kids will want to learn new things that areconsidered to be of adults and will want to associate themselves withthings will make them feel that they have reached the maturity age.&nbspThis means that these kids will be bored by content thataddresses them as inferior or not of age.

2.You’ve been asked to narrow your focus from your discipline/fieldas a whole to a specific topic (related to communication,language/vocabulary, or similar field literacy practices) within thatfield. What topic have you chosen and why?

Thetopic that I have chosen is “effective communication in marketing.”As business students, everyone has a dream of working in a successfulbusiness organization or running businesses of their own. Marketingis one of the main aspects that determine the success of a businessorganization. This means that if these business students are to besuccessful in the respective organizations that they would work for,it is important to have the necessary skills in making communicationeffective during marketing. &nbsp

&nbsp3.What genre are you using for your project? Why? What “rules” or“conventions” exist for communicating in that genre?

Communicationin marketing is the genre that I will be using for this project. Thisis because marketing is about communicating information to consumersabout a particular good or service. However, the manner in which thisinformation is communicated is important in determining whether themarketing strategy will be effective. In marketing, rules keep onchanging depending on the environment and the nature of theinformation that is being provided. However, effectiveness is veryimportant and the topic chosen aims at ensuring that effectivenesshas been attained when providing information in the businessenvironment during marketing.


4.What is the purpose of communication in your remix? In other words,what are you trying to&nbspdo&nbspforyour audience in informing them about this particular part of yourfield? Why is it important for them to know what you are tellingthem? Why have you chosen this purpose?

Asstudents learning business, it is important to be equipped withskills that they will use in the business world. It is evident thatcolleges bombard their students with a lot of information from booksthat were even written ten years ago. This means that students areusually filled with a lot of information that may at times be of lessimportant when it comes to application in the real world. Inmarketing, it is important to always be updated with the changingtrends in the market and understand the effective ways through whichthey can reach their potential customers. &nbsp&nbsp

5.List the rhetorical elements (things like arrangement, style, etc.)you’re planning to change in order to create a digital productthat`s not just an essay. Explain&nbsphow&nbspand&nbspwhy&nbspyou’rechanging them. Be specific and thorough.

In the project that is being created, I will start with a general andobvious explanation of the various trends that are observed intoday`s marketing. With such a general information that everyone didnot expect, it will be possible to attract the attention of thecollege freshmen. This will act like a hook that the Through thecontent of this project, I will also include participation of thefreshmen by creating questions throughout the content that willrequire participation of their thinking. As noted earlier, collegefreshmen will like being associated and recognized duringpresentations. This means that such a style will encourage them andmake them feel like they are being recognized as mature people whocan make decisions.&nbsp&nbsp

6.Thinking through the changes you’ve listed, give yourselfparameters for your project, answer the following: How long/big willyour project be? How will you store/save/share your project? Whatfile type works best for your product? (NOTE:Digital projects can be uploaded to D2L, but cannot exceed 20 MB orD2Lwill reject the file — it is your responsibility to work withinthis or find a way to work around it.)

With the changes that have beenlisted on what will be contained in the project, the project will bean online magazine article. This informative article will include allthe details that have been described and its format will be .html.This is the best format since it will be able to upload the file tothe online magazine. This is the best format, which does not takelarge size when uploading it to the D2L since it will only take asize of less than 20 MB.