Project Motorcycles-The Comprehensive Project Plan

ProjectMotorcycles-The Comprehensive Project Plan


TheProject Scope and Project Management Plan


Thefocus of this paper is to implement a changeover from the productionof nebulous middleweight class to the manufacture of larger touringmotorcycles. The implementation of the project is expected to takeduration of five years. The project organization to be used in thiscase is pure project organization. It is deemed as the most effectiveproject organization in attaining the dreams of the company ofproducing larger touring class motorcycles. The production of thesemotorcycles would enable the company meet the expectations of itsclients besides guaranteeing the competitive advantage of theorganization.

Assumptionsand Constraints

Theassumption made in this case is that the project funding which ismade by the company would be adequate in remedying the situation.Other assumptions encompass the immediate availability of skilledmanpower which would be required for the completion of the project.

Thekey constraints for this project encompass is failure to obtainskilled manpower to carry out efficiently the various tasks whichneed to be completed to ensure the success of the project. Besides,there may be insufficient resources to support the entireimplementation of the project.


Theproject manager would be responsible in managing the entire projectimplementation. He may decide to appoint individuals to assist him inmanaging sub-projects. These individuals would in turn report to theproject manager. Some of the sub-projects which should beaccomplished encompass strategic and tactical planning, logistics,public relations, and project finance.


Thecommunication lines must be shortened in efforts to ensure that theproject managers can consult with the top management when the needarises without having to go through the functional departments. Thisis because that may cost time, hence derailing the scheduledcompletion of the project.The effective communication will play a critical role in sharing ofexperience and expert knowledge in the team in efforts to makecertain that the project is a success.


Thevarious risks that may be evidenced in this case include thefinancial risks, operational technical risks, and the strategic risk.The financial risk involves the use of financial resources withoutmuch accountability and transparency. Financial resources arecritical resources within an organization inability to implement theproject efficiently results to misallocation of financial resources.Monitoring and verification of the financial requirements is a greatincentive that should not be assumed. Strategic risks involve theability to align the project goals with the organizational goals. Toenable the project manager to remain focused on the organizationculture, the all the project objectives must give reference to theorganization mission and vision. The operational technical risksinvolve the technical requirements of the proposed project. Theorganization must consider the technical requirements of the projectbeing implemented without affecting the normal running of theorganization.


Theproject in question will have an immediate funding mechanism thatwill initiate from the mother company. The budget will also belimited and it will be established after every task has been assignedthe required resources and funding necessitated for its completion.These activities encompass logistics, purchase of materials required,management, and transportation amongst others.


Toensure success of the project implementation process, the projectstakeholders are necessitated to sign their dedication towards theaccomplishment of the project.

TheKind of Staff Required by the Company in Order to Make theManufacturing Switch to Motorcycles with Larger Motors

Toensure that the implementation of the manufacturing of largermotorcycles is a success, the company needs to have staff withvarious qualities and who have the expertise to the roles assigned tothem. To begin with, the staff should be specialized experts with therequired skills, knowledge and proficiency. The main aim of hiring aspecialized technical expert is to make sure that the manufacturingof the larger touring motorcycles meet the expectations of thecustomers. Such expertise should be in areas of production,logistics, and assembly, amongst others.

Thecompany also needs efficient staff members. Efficient staff would beable to perform their undersigned tasks and complete them on thedesignated time. In this case, the project manager would assign tasksto every staff taking part in the project. The completion of everytask means the completion of the part of the project. Putting thisinto consideration, efficiency is a core factor in projectmanagement.

Furthermore,the staff should be good communicators. Effective communication iskey in project management (Kerzner,2013).Considering that the staff will work as a team, communicatingeffectively is required to enable them relay important informationfor the completion of the project.

TeamBuilding Strategies for Handling The Newly Formed Team and How theymay Positively or Negatively Affect Productivity Within the Company


Toensure project success, there should be a well stated goal that thegroup aims to attain. A common goal enables the team members to cometogether and share their ideas with the intention of achieving thesame. This strategy would positively influence the productivitywithin the company in that communicating a common goal would not onlyresult in its attainment but also in the success of the company atlarge.


Clarityin communication is a significant factor that should be considered.Through great and clear communication, group members are preventedfrom abandoning the central purpose of the project. This is usuallycaused by the failure of comprehending the general aim of theproject. The team should be put on track by regularly communicatingthe project purpose. This has a positive impact to the company’sproductivity in that it would help the team members to successfullyimplement the production of larger touring motorcycles.

Dedicationfrom the Group Members

Everyteam member is expected to show dedication towards the implementationof the project. Showing commitment means that the team members aredevoted towards reaching the purpose of the project, which in thiscase is to produce larger touring motorcycles.

IndividualTeam Roles

Toensure success of the project, every team member should be assignedrole which they should accomplish at designated time. The assignmentof the roles should be based on ones interests and skills as thiswould guarantee the highest accomplishment. Accomplishing these rolesseparately means that the common goal of implementing the productionof larger touring motorcycles set by the company is met.

TheRole of the Project Manager and the Characteristics of an EffectiveProject Manager

Throughoutthe project accomplishment, the project manager has various roles. Tostart with, the project manager would be accountable for the projectimplementation while doing periodical reports to the executiveregarding the progress of the implementation process. The second roleis to ensure that labor requirements are taken care of, andconsultation on the same would only be made to the senior managementif need be, that is when it is extremely essential. Such labor wouldencompass the employment of modern technology from technical experts.In this case, the project manager would be responsible in decidingwhether the specialized experts would be employed in a permanent ortemporary basis. However, various factors would be considered whilemaking such a decision, for instance the competency available in thecompany. The main aim of hiring a specialized technical expert is tomake sure that the manufacturing of the larger touring motorcyclesmeet the expectations of the customers. This in turn would guaranteethe competitive advantage of the organization.

Theproject manager would be the sole administrator of the project. Thisrole makes him responsible for any failure or success of the projectimplementation process. To ensure success of the project, effectivecommunication is required. The project manager would be responsiblefor establishing effective communication lines to be used by thedifferent persons comprising the project implementation team. Therole of effective communication lines is to enable the sharing ofexpert knowledge and experience within the team with the aim ofensuring the success of the implementation process. Finally, theproject manager would be responsible for managing the technicalexperts hired to ensure the success of the implementation process.The role is significant as it would lessen the opportunity of theemergence of any disagreements between the project team and thefunctional departments.

Thereare various characteristics for effective project manager that assistthem in carrying out the responsibility assigned to them. In thisparticular expansion project, the three most significantcharacteristics that the project manager should possess encompassvisionary, efficient, and a skilled communicator. Studies have shownvisionary is a key characteristic of effective project managers(Kerzner&amp Saladis,2013). It is based on the reason that they have the capacity toobserve the wider picture of project implementation process. In thiscase, the visionary characteristic of the project manager wouldassist in breaking the larger goal in to lesser goals which areeasier to manage. For instance, in order to make possible theproduction of the larger touring motorcycles. The secondcharacteristic is efficiency. Efficient project managers haveoutstanding skills for time management therefore, meeting the setdeadlines for project completion (Kerzner&amp Saladis,2013). In this case, the project manager should be efficientconsidering that the project in question would take a five yearperiod for the changeover to take place. The project manager wouldhave the capability to decide on the most significant things to becarried out first, whilst finding alternative solutions to issuesthat arise during the project implementation process.

Lastly,the project manager should have efficient communication skills.According to studies, effective and clear communication is essentialin project management. It helps the project managers to communicateto their teams and keep them informed regarding various issuesconcerning the project. In this case, being an effective communicatorwould help the project manager to establish effective communicationlines for the different team members. These lines of communicationwould be used to relay any information concerning the project to theteam members as well as the functional departments. The manager wouldalso be able to delineate and communicate in a clear manner the roleof every team member as well as the time frame for the accomplishmentof the tasks. Besides, he would offer justification to the teamregarding the actions and decisions made during the implementationprocess. In a nutshell, being a skilled communicator, the projectmanager would be able to keep the communication channels open andthis is significant as it would make certain that any issue thatarise is solved efficiently thus keeping the project on track.

Importanceof Identifying Critical Paths on Projects and the Manner in WhichResources are Allocated to All of the Activities on the Critical Path

Criticalpath analysis is a technique in project management employed inpredicting the duration of the project (Meredith &amp Mantel, 2002).It is significant for resource planning and project scheduling. Itrepresents the series of events or duties which affect the completionof the project directly. By centering on a critical path, projectmanagers are able to control or cut down the schedule of the project.The process is termed as the critical path management. Identificationof the critical path would enable the project manager to getinformation on areas where there is flexibility. Certainly, in thecurrent project that is due to implementation, there are specificduties or activities which are flexible. In this case, suchactivities should be instigated either earlier or afterward withoutputting at risk the date of completion.

Itis significant to know the manner in which the entire activities onthe critical path should be allocated resources. Considering that thecritical path represents activities which affect the completion ofthe project, the resources should be allocated starting from the mostsignificant and urgent activity. Besides, activities that areconsidered to be inflexible should be allocated resources first assuch activities have a possibility of putting in danger thecompletion date of the project. In this case, there are variousactivities that are involved including logistics, transportation,assembly and integration. These activities should be ranked inascending order with the most significant one being allocatedresources first.

Elementsof Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Pricing and Costing Strategyand the Fundamental Ways in Which the Project in Question is Composed

TheWork breakdown structure (WBS) delineates the work required inestablishing the deliverables of the project with the intention ofmeeting the formerly determined needs (Meredith &amp Mantel, 2002).WBS is significant in that it describes and categorizes the entireproject scope into hierarchical task breakdown as well as finalproducts. A WBS and pricing and costing strategy is a significantinstrument for efficient project scheduling, planning, as well ascontrolling. It offers an articulation and a structure for theproject planning.

Studieshave offered numerous ways of breaking down a project thereforeoffering over a single project management WBS (Meredith &amp Mantel,2002). These ways encompass breaking down a project by discipline,function, or phase. In particular, various WBS charts should becreated fro logistics and transportation amongst other activities.Every work package should contain reasonable elements grouped as one.Other elements encompass planning, administration, management,supervision, and coordination.

Theproject in question is composed of various elements of the WBS andpricing and costing strategy. To start with, it is comprised ofproject management, planning as well as administration. The elementfocuses on how the entire project is managed, the operation andestablishment of costs, production of technical and financialreports, establishment of schedule tracking system, as well as theorganization of project and technical reviews. The other component isproject coordination and supervision. The element encompassesoversight costs including project director reviews amongst others.


WorkBreakdown Structure (WBS)

Timeline(gantt chart)

Activity Name























Consulting a consultant

Consulting the stakeholders

Prepare preliminary design

Prepare data flow diagrams

Purchasing of scanners

Purchasing and upgrading of computer hardware

Employment of additional personnel

Scanning of documents records

Integrating internet access.

Document design

Develop Motorcycle information design Specification

Design Review



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