Project Scope Statement

ProjectScope Statement


ProjectScope Statement


Constructing a new dormitory building for NEU

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1. Executive Summary

The project under review is the New Dormitory of NEU within the campus. NEU hopes that the new dormitory will solve the issue of dormitory shortage in the campus that the establishment has experienced for the past few years. Apart from solving the issue of shortages, the new building to house the dormitory will give students a new campus experience, as it will encompass other areas of welfare and recreation for students. As such, the establishment sees the project as strategic and significant to the needs of students. The project will address all needs of students and will support the establishment’s strategic context for a conducive situation for learning and recreation.

Based on previous projects within the establishment and around the location, the project appears great such that it will influence future investment and architectural designs for the establishment. Furthermore, the project will have a constructive influence on the organizational thinking and framework of the establishment. As such, the assessment and determination of the project scope is highly imperative since extensive project range may constrict the fund usage and lead to monetary predicament for the establishment. Provide a brief project summary in the space below. On the other hand, a small scope would appear insufficient to the establishment’s strategic plan and success factors thus, it is highly significant to maintain an effective and feasible project scope. In fact, an effective and suitable scope statement is the realization benchmarks of the project and implementation of the establishment’s approaches.

The project under review aims to establish a convenient and an objective context of new students-staff relations and operations. As such, an area measuring 220,000 square feet will be the main element of the project. In addition, insulated dining halls with high efficiency gas furnace will be predominant in the project. On the other hand, the project will involve major partnership with consultancy firms. The project team, which I head, will develop new systems and approaches for the entire project, although the real construction will go a private company.

The scope statement will delineate the predominant deliverables and cultivate a consistent strategy for the project. Furthermore, the project team will develop the exclusion and inclusion of the project range grounded on the project, technical, and regulatory requirements. The scope will also encompass key features of the project such as milestones and constraints and the approach of the project.

See the Project Charter

2. Project Objectives and requirements

2.1 Project Objectives:

  • To construct a high-quality dormitory building for students within 2 years at a cost not exceeding $215 million

  • The implementation of the project will greatly reduce the shortage of rooms for students

  • This project will efficiency and service delivery since the extra number of students housed within the campus means that they will live outside campus

  • The project will be feasible if delivered within the budget and time constraints.

2.2 Project Requirements

This a current and a premeditated program for NEU thus, the establishment will be the main sponsor, financier, and coordinator. As such, the council of the establishment will review and raise the business requirements of the project.

  • The project team requires the capacity to establish consultancy, solution, and operations for the project

  • The team requires the capacity to assimilate the existing resources to support and progress the project. In addition, the team requires capacity to source for partnerships.

3. Solution requirements, prioritization, and verification

3.1 This include the project, technical, and regulatory requirements of the project


Requirement declaration


Verification of success

The project should be completed under 2 years

Project requirement

The project is developed within 2 years

The project should utilize an amount not exceeding $215 million

Project requirement

The building will use a budget of less than $215 million

The construction of the building will be done for students

Project requirement

The building is a dormitory for students

The council and project team must authorize the deliverables

Project requirement

The project team and the council will authorize the deliverables

Any partnership must have authorization from both the council and the project team

Project team

The council and the project team will source partners

The building should concentrate on the needs of students

Technical requirement

The building incorporates recreation facilities, dining rooms, bedrooms, and meeting halls.

The new dormitory building should be classified for students

Technical requirement

The building encompasses

  • Dining halls (For students and staff)

  • Meeting halls (Mainly for lecturers and students)

  • Recreation rooms and facilities (For all)

All reports whether financial, budget, or feasibility should be acquiesced and sanctioned and monitored regularly (i.e. every two months)

Technical requirement

All reports are acquiesced and sanctioned before execution

The National Engineering and Works Committee must accredit the project

Regulatory requirement

The National Works Committee accredits the project.

LEED must certify the project

Regulatory requirement

The project is LEED certified

4. Project Scope

This includes the deliverables of the project


  • Strategy of a new service

  • A new recreation system and facility

  • Development of a new feasibility study system

  • New relations and enhanced security system

  • New energy saving systems


  • Application of the developed feasibility study system

  • Maintenance of the new systems and services such as offices, halls, recreation facilities such as gym and swimming pool, and energy system

  • Application of the new service

  • Application of the developed partnership programs and consultancies

4.3 Elements:

  • A 220,000 square feet area, 370 rooms to house 950 students

  • Recreation facilities such as high-quality gym and swimming pool

  • Dining appliances and hall with ovens, gas furnace, dishwater, and microwaves

  • Standard offices and meeting halls

5. Project Features
5.1 Constraints
  • The overall duration for the construction project must be within 2 years

  • The total budget of the project including additional costs and inflation discounts should not exceed $215 million

  • The project must certify LEED standards

  • All structures used must pass seismic solidity codes

  • Floor and ceiling insulation must meet “R” factor of 25 and 38 correspondingly

  • The building must meet international building codes with doors and windows having NFRC classes of 40 energy assessments

5.2 limits

  • The team and the personnel credited with the project will be accountable for landscaping

  • The building will follow the designs and specifications of the original blueprints provided in the feasibility and architectural designs

  • The contractor reserves the right to sub-contract, but responsible for any work subcontracted

  • The statement limits the site work from Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

  • Contractor limited to construction only thus, not responsible for maintenance

5.3 Milestones

  • The management plan for the project finished

  • Contractor and partnership sourced

  • Permits and certifications approved

  • Foundation poured

  • Sheathing, dry in framing, plumbing, mechanical, engineering, and electrical inspections passed

  • Final inspection

  • Project completed

6. Approvals

The Scope Statement signed by,

  • Project Sponsor

  • Project Manager