Project Task-List




Theobjective of this paper is outlining the requirements for organizinga two-day offsite training session for Company X. The meetingparticipants will come from distinct places across the country. Thesignificance of defining the boundary and scope of the project isavoiding misunderstanding between the project manager and the client.The project manager determines the estimated cost of deliverables andservices, and then lists them in the agreement to avoid incurringadditional expenses that can reduce his or her profit margin. Thepurpose of the training is educating Company X’s partners on thebest methods for nurturing good customer relationships with theirtarget market. In addition, the deputy Chief Executive Officer ofCompany called the seminar with the aim of educating employees on therecent company development. This essay hypothesizes that a projecttask-list is the most efficient tool for accomplishing a definedproject at a fixed cost.

Determinethe requirements of the company. This will include a number of peoplewho will be attending the conference, the duration, cost of thevenue, safety of the visitors and accessibility convenience. The bestproject managers for Company X would be a person who has been workingin the company, and has attended previous off-site training session.The individual will have a clear picture of the essentialrequirements the company would require for the training session toend successfully. In some cases, the project manager can givequestionnaires to the staff members who will be attending, as well asthe managers to learn the meeting place they might require (Lewis,2007).

Designa project scope that would help in evaluating the cost of the entiremeeting, as well as reasonable cost for the meeting. The scope isamong the main components of a project task-list as it gives detailson the things the project implementer will provide, as well assupplies that he or she will not offer (Lewis, 2007). The manager isnormally responsible for preparing identifying, hiring, and preparingthe meeting venue. The off-site meeting will be hosted in a beachhotel. The manger will cater for a meeting for two days and a periodranging between five and eight hours. However, the project managerwill set the boundary of using the meeting space at eight hours perday. If Company X may require additional time, and the company willpay the extra cost for the meeting (Gido &amp Clements, 2009).

Hiringlabor is another critical task for the project implementer as itdetermines the success of the event. The main staff duties theproject manager will accomplish include cleaning the conference room,setting up electronic gadgets, directing traffic in the parking lot,as well as ensuring security for the guests’ vehicles. However, theproject manager would not pay for varlet services provided to thevisitors. The visitors will have to pay for parking fees the parkattendants charge for both taking and collecting visitors’ vehicles(Lewis, 2007).

Transportingvisitors is another important job. The project manager has to planfor adequate transport for all the visitors from various arrivalpoints. However, the transport service will be availed from three keyterminals: the railway station, airport, and bus station. The threeexecutives of the company will receive special limousine transferfrom the hotel to airport to their respective hotels and meetingvenue for two days. On the contrary, the visitors will be transferredusing minivans (Gido &amp Clements, 2009). If some visitors mightrequire limousine transfer from the airport to their respectivehotels or meeting venues, they will have to pay for the cost.Similarly, individuals will have to hire private transport orcompensate the project manager in case they might require touringaround the city. The manager shall refer the visitors to affiliatecar hire or cab services that individual clients will pay for thecost (Lewis, 2007).

Cateringservice is an indispensable service that the project that the mangerwill accomplish. The caterers will serve the visitors with breakfastat 7.00 am, coffee during the 10.00 am break, lunch at 1.00 pm,snacks at 4.00 pm, and dinner at 10.00 pm. Every visitor will beallowed to take three bottles of beer during the two days, but anyadditional amount shall be billed on individual customers. Similarly,the visitors shall have to pay for other meals and they will order atother times. On the same note, the project manager will providespecial diets and services to staff members with pre-existingconditions such as special beddings and diets, if only they will beinformed in advance (Gido &amp Clements, 2009).

Arrangingfor accommodation shall be done in advance. Each staff member will beprovided with regular accommodation facilities. The manager willreserve sixty rooms, as each person will stay alone. Theaccommodation rooms will have free satellite television, free wifiinternet, telephone, and desktop. Visitors with personal laptops willuse the internet free, but the hotel will charge visitors for usingthe desktop at a flat rate of $50 per hour. The room services shallbe free, but the client shall pay for the commodities they will order(Gido &amp Clements, 2009).

Investigatingthe rooms and checking extra bills that the visitors could haveincurred while their stay in the location would be the last the lastresponsibility for the project manager. The manger will alsoinvestigate for any “scope creep” or violation so that they canseek compensation from Company X. The significance of inspecting thecondition of the accommodation rooms and other bills incurred duringthe period is ascertaining that the manager will not incur extramanagement costs such as bills for foods the visitors ordered orovertime charge the company would incur.


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