Protection Plan


Box turtles are one of the rarest species of animals in the UnitedStates. Although the population of box turtles was once high, thelast 50 years has seen the reduction of the animal population due tothe loss and fragmentation of their habitat (Dodd, 2001). Theseturtles are found over a wide range of area in Connecticut. There hasbeen numerous inhabitation by human beings, as well as constructionactivities, which have interfered with the population of the boxturtles. It is also evident that they are used as pets by locals,which also reduces the native population of the box turtles in thewild. This has triggered the American government to declare the boxturtle a threatened, endangered and a special concern species (Stateof Connecticut, 2014).

The box turtle requires protection since it seems like it will bepart of the statistic of the extinct species. The federal governmentand the state governments must be in the frontline to protect thisprecious, yet endangered and threatened species. There must be lawsput in place to restrict the rearing of the box turtle as a pet(Dodd, 2001). It is also imperative for the government to ban thattrade of box turtles. As research has proved, the fragmentation andthe loss of habitat are the main threats to the survival of boxturtles, the inhabitation of turtle habitat must be stopped. Forinstance, the construction of roads in the turtle habitats must bestopped.

In box turtle habitats where the roads have already beenconstructed, the drivers using such roads must be extremely carefulwhile driving. A vast majority of the turtles that are killed betweenMay and June are pregnant females searching for nests (Dodd, 2001).Therefore, the key point to protecting the box turtles is theintervention of the government in terms of strict laws andregulations, as well as the responsibility of the public to protectthe endangered species.


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