Psychology in Nursing


Psychologyin Nursing

Psychologyskills are exceedingly critical in the nursing career. Althoughpsychology is different from nursing, psychology skills are criticalin the nursing career since they help in the study and analysis ofthe patients’ behavior, which is of importance while diagnosing acertain disease and in the treatment of the same. Psychology skillsare gained from the different areas of psychology, which includebiological, behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, and humanisticpsychology. It is the skills in these areas that can be applied inthe nursing career. A description of how psychology skills in thebiological, behavioral, and cognitive psychology areas can be appliedin the nursing career will be analyzed in the paper.

Psychologyentails the scientific learning of mental processes and behavior. Itis interested in seeking an understanding concerning why individualsfeel and think in the manner they do, both in groups andindividually, in different areas of life, health included.Psychologists are not only interested in predicting behavior, but arealso interested in changing behaviors in order to enhance the qualityof life and well-being. This connects with the interests of those inthe nursing career. Individuals in the nursing career need tocomprehend the health needs of the individuals that they work withand change their conduct, feelings, and thoughts in enhancing thewell-being of the individuals. In order to develop thisunderstanding, nurses need to develop psychology skills, which implythat psychology skills are significant and can be applied in thenursing career.

Thearea of biological psychology is critical for nurses.Biopsychologists have the capacity of reducing an individual tohis/her biological components. This implies that behavior can beexplained in terms of physiological changes for example, chemicalreactions in the endocrine and nervous systems. According tobiopsychologists, behavior is usually determined by biologicalstructure and function. This biological understanding concerning howindividuals behave is crucial for individuals in the nursing career.When nurses do not recognize that an individual’s biologicalfunctioning is likely to influence behavior, nurses are likely tohave a reduced opportunity of offering appropriate interventions whenmet with a situation that would require an understanding ofbiological influence on behavior. Psychology skills in the area ofbiological psychology can be applied in the nursing career since anursing having the skills can be in a position to offer anappropriate intervention due to his/her understanding that changes inthe endocrine system, nervous system, genetic or anatomical structurecan cause behavioral change. Therefore, nurses usually seek tounderstand the behavior of individuals from a biological basis,without regard to the branch of nursing. This is of importance asnurses can offer a correct intervention in case they do notcomprehend the biological influence on behavior to individuals.

Anotherpsychology area that is critical and can provide psychology skillsthat can be applied in the nursing career entails behavioralpsychology. This area is usually concerned with learning. Accordingto these psychologists, the behavior that an individual adopts isusually learnt. Psychologists identify different learning processesthat can be applied in the nursing career. One of such processes isclassical conditioning this happens when a stimulus brings aresponse. When two stimuli become presented together severally, theyproduce the same response. This can be applied in the nursing career,where a nurse is administering pain-killing tablets to a person. Insuch a case, the nurse may also administer a sugar tablet. With time,the sugar tablet will provoke the same response like the pain-killer.Another process of learning entails the operant conditioning.According to this process, a person is likely to learn doing onething than another that does not produce a reward. This can beapplied in the nursing career, where a child becomes frightened by anurse since every time the child sees the nurse he/she is given aninjection. When the nurse notices such a scenario, he/she can givethe child a stethoscope to play while giving the injection. The childcan be rewarded by the nurse rewarding the behavior of the child forbeing brave while being injected.

Besides,learning can occur through social learning. According to the sociallearning theory, learning can occur through observing the behavior ofothers and imitating the behavior. This can be applied in the nursingcareer, where a practicing nurse can imitate an old nurse incommunicating a certain message to patients or their relatives forinstance, in times of reporting the death of a loved one torelatives.

Onthe other hand, the other area is cognitive psychology. Thepsychology skills gained in this area can also be applied in thenursing career. This area of psychology is also of the idea thatbehavior is learnt and for any situation, there must be a responseand a stimulus. These psychologists seek to comprehend what happensamid stimulus and response since they distinguish that there is notalways a likely automatic response to any certain stimulus. This canbe applied in the nursing career since nurses tend to connect thepossible reasons leading to the contracting of certain diseases. Forexample, in case a patient is diagnosed to have Malaria, the nursegoes ahead and connects the disease with the possible reasons for thepatient contracting Malaria. In addition, according to the cognitivepsychology, schema theory helps in understanding how individuals maystore information, which is through the memory. It is usuallyproposed that fresh information is usually attached or it can becomea section of existing memory. The skills of schema theory can beapplied in nursing since a schema entails a collection of informationon a given area/thing. For example, this can be applied in nursingwhen doing things such as give an injection. When giving aninjection, syringe, needle, and the patient entails the fixedcomponents for a schema of giving injection while environment,medication used, and the part to be injected entails fixed componentsfor a schema of giving injection.


Despitenursing and psychology being two different subjects, individuals inthe nursing career usually use psychology skills. Psychology skillsare gained from the different areas of psychology, which includebiological, behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, and humanisticpsychology. Psychology skills from these areas are usually applied inthe nursing career. For example, through the psychology skills, anurse is capable of understanding why individuals behave in a certainmanner, when they have a certain disease, and the appropriateintervention that they can apply in responding to the behaviorportrayed by an individual. Hence, psychology skills need to be takenseriously by nurses since they are useful and applicable in theirnursing career.