Qualifications for Union Office

Qualificationsfor Union Office

Qualificationsfor Union Office

Laborunions have their own rules concerning the suitability of candidatesseeking union leadership. Nevertheless, there are externalregulations regarding labor issues in the United States in order toensure that labor unions are well represented and the needs ofemployees are of priority. In the current case, the minority have anargument although the court finds it unreasonable to bar 96.5 percentof members from running for office since they do not qualify underthe attendance rule (the rule requiring a candidate to have attendedhalf of all meetings held within three years) (Local 3489, UnitedSteelworkers v. Usery, 429 U.S. 305, 1977).

Iagree with the majority, for finding the attendance rule unreasonablein this particular case. This is due to the fact that, according tothe U.S Department of Labor, there are various factors that should beobserved to assess the validity of this rule in determiningsuitability of candidates for elections in to union office. Thesefactors include the frequency of meetings the nature, availabilityand pardon given for failing to attend, whether members were in aposition to attend the meetings, the number of meetings that one mustattend, and the time covered by the requirement and finally theoverall impact of the qualification (United States Department ofLabor, N.D).

Inthe current case, these reasons have not been exposed, and thequalification requirement on attendance rule may jeopardize democracyin union leadership. As such, I find the majority in the right sincethe 50 percent attendance rule would have been difficult to achieve,hence the high number of disqualified members. Besides, theattendance rule could have been manipulated to favor particularcandidates and blocking others into office which is not democracy.


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