Strategiesby ABC hospital

Itis evident from the discussion that the problem that the ABC hospitalis facing is associated with lack of appropriate technology tofacilitate its operations. Whereas the hospital is said to have metthe legal and regulatory requirements, it is imperative for themanagement of the hospital to realize that it must keep up withtechnology. The hospital also needs organizational changes in orderto adopt committees that can monitor the operations of the hospital.It is also imperative for the management of the hospital to seekviews from the members of the public on the areas that need to beimproved. Equally, the management must adopt policies to ensure thatthe junior staff have avenues to express their opinions in regard tothe running of the organization. Through this strategy, the hospitalwill be able to identify the weak points and seek correctivemeasures. Structural changes are also critical to expand the spacefor incorporating technology.


Theapplication of technology in the delivery of health services willensure that the hospital is competitive and offers quality servicesto the clients. The application of technology would also ensure thatservice delivery are timely and cost a lesser amount.


Theapplication of technology would lead to numerous layoffs. It isevident that machines are adopted in many sectors and organizationsin order to replace the human labor. It is equally vital to point outthat the implementation of technology in the hospital will beextremely expensive for the hospital.



TheXYZ department should adopt an incentive program for the employeeswhich will ensure that the employees are motivated and offer qualityservices. It would also be imperative for the health department toappoint the hardworking employees as the heads of various departmentsto be able to motivate other employees to work harder and serve theresidents with dignity. In the view that the employees are few, it isevident that they will suffer from fatigue and might be unfriendly tothe residents whom they serve. Therefore, it is vital for the healthdepartment to ensure that the employees work in shifts. This willensure that the employees have sufficient time to relax and thereforedeliver quality services (Goldstein,2009).It is also vital for the management of the hospital to offer trainingservices to the employees in regard to their attitude during servicedelivery. Developing a positive attitude is extremely critical inensuring effective service delivery. Finally, the management of thehospital should ensure that it applies the strategy of team building.This will bring the employees together and ensure that they work as ateam. This will go a long way in boosting the morale of theemployees, which will translate into excellent service provision.

Thesestrategies would minimize risk of poor services, for example, workingin shifts ensures that the workers are well rested and in the rightframe of mind as they lender services. This will minimize the risk oferroneous services due to fatigue. Quality of service would improve,for example, the training on positive attitude towards work wouldmotivate the staff to give their best at what they do thereforeimproving on the service quality.


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