Recruitment is a crucial process that seeks to select the right staff


Recruitmentis a crucial process that seeks to select the right staff for a jobvacancy. An effective recruitment process help to reduce staffturnover, promote teamwork and achieve the aims and objectives of anorganization. In Hotel Paris case, the first step in designing arecruitment process is to adopt a HRM approach where human resourceprofessional is responsible for performing recruitment role. Secondly, the human resource manger should assess the current processand review tat of competitors to come up with an effective andefficient recruitment process.


HotelParis can develop different recruiting sources that can be successfulin getting the company the best employees they require. The firstsource the human resource can use is employee referral. This is amethod where the human resource encourages current employees tosubmit referrals of individuals who are suitable for the job vacancy.In fact, employees can be paid bonuses to motivate them to refer goodcandidates. This method is cost-effective and can lead to a highretention rate. The other source of recruitment ideal for HotelParis is campus recruiting. This method involves sendingrepresentatives to college campus to sign up applicants fromgraduating classes. This method is crucial and attracts goodcandidates. Thirdly, the hotel can use internet recruiting methodwhere potential applicants are invited to fill specified vacancies.Internet recruiting is beneficial since it is economical and it iseasy to get huge responses from applicants (Yu &amp Cable, 2014).


Ahotel Paris help-wanted ad would display the hotel emblem and usecreative illustrations, in order to attract a huge number ofapplicants. The ad must include a salary range as well as the hotel’sphone number. In addition, a detailed description of the specifiedjob should be included to give applicants an idea of how they wouldfit into the company. Lastly, the ad should provide the selectionprocess (Edenborough, 2007).


Evaluationof recruiting efforts using a combination of appropriate metric isrequired in order to assess effectiveness of the process. Acceptancerate is the first metric to measure the effectiveness of therecruitment offer, and can provide information on how people view thecompany. For example, to measure the effectiveness of internetrecruiting it is crucial to maintain record of the number ofapplicants and assess whether the recurring effort paid off. Theother metric that can be used is to determine how many applicantsassessed the recruiting online advert. This will provide informationon the effectiveness of the recruitment source at guiding people tothe right place. It is crucial to measure the total cost of theprocess and the quality of applicants. The applicants’ quality isdetermined through biographical analysis of applicants that helps inevaluating how good employees are. In addition, the time to refillmetric can used to measure the effectiveness of recruitment process.Time to refill is the analysis of average time that will take to filla job vacancy. Furthermore, recruitment efforts should thus be guidedby goals that focus on retention of best candidates (Edenborough,2007).


Inconclusion, employee turnover is a costly affair and most expertsbelieve that implementing the right recruitment strategies willresult in hiring the right people. Therefore, human resource managersin Hotel Paris should use the three recruiting sources suggested inthis paper. Additionally, the human resource should have the abilityto understand and correctly advertise for the job vacancy. Lastly, itis important if recruiting efforts are evaluated using a combinationof appropriate metrics, in order to assess effectiveness of theprocess.


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