Planningthe ResearchWhile developing the research idea, I encountered someproblems. One of the key challenges was the choice of the researchidea. there were different research topics to choose from, but at thecommencement of the research, I did not see the importance ofchoosing a research idea that I was conversant with, so I went for aresearch idea that was proposed by the research advisor. This was achallenge because the research idea chosen by the research advisordid not fit in the interests that I have. This really affected theway I handled the research, making it difficult to stay motivated andfocused on the research. This remained a challenge in doing theresearch since the research advisor moved to a different area beforeI finished. Another key challenge while developing the research ideawas that I struggled with relating it to the interests of thecommunity and society at large. Because the research idea was chosenby the research advisor, it was difficult to relate the idea to theinterests of the community. This offered a difficult time convincingpeople that the research idea was worth carrying out. Although theresearch idea seemed new to handle in the research I was doing, I wasfinally capable of handling the research idea after gatheringinformation on the idea.GatheringInformation One of the problems encountered, when searching forrelevant literature entails lack of available resources or accessingmaterials with the literature needed. This was a key challenge sincefindings resources having the required literature is significant asit contributes to the conclusion of the research being conducted. Incase a person does not access resources with the required literature,it can be exceedingly hard to conclude the research successfully. Infinding the needed literature, there was a problem in accessingnewspaper articles and books from conventional libraries as thelibraries did not have copies of new rules that have been publishedby the government. Besides, in these libraries, there was also aproblem in providing published data within the appropriate time therequired data was unavailable as it was not timely supplied to theconventional libraries.

Onthe other hand, due to confidentiality issues of the data provided bydifferent offices, there was a problem of such offices denying tosupply the required data due to their worry on the issue ofconfidentiality. Different offices fear that they may supplyresearchers with data, but researchers fail to protect the privacy ofthe data. For this reason, some businesses and offices were unwillingto provide the required data. Despite poor library management, whichmade accessing of required literature difficult, I attained successin accessing online materials, which provided the necessaryliterature in the completion of the research. Since I had a goodinternet access, researching of information from the databases andsearch engines was easy and fast. This helped in accessing therequired literature within a short time since the databases andsearch engines provided required information within no time. Sincethe internet sources were immensely utilized in doing this result,there was the chief problem of maintaining accuracy of theinformation found in the internet. This is because everyone providinginformation over the internet will usually claim to be an expert.This provided a key barrier to getting credible resources over theinternet. However, through using the different databases, I was ableto find credible source. The databases that were used in findingliterature include OCLC, CSA, AEA, OVID, DIALOG, and EBSCO. Theseworked well in doing research.Organizingthe Study One of the ways that I ensured that the information Iresearched comprehensively addressed the problem entailed firstunderstanding the problem. It is exceedingly difficult to address asituation without first of all understanding the situation. Thus, Ifound it wise to first of all understand the problem in order toresearch information that will tend to find solution to the problem.Therefore, most of the information comprehensively addressed theproblem. Besides, it is critical to research previous studies thathave dealt with the problem that one is researching in order to findout the information or techniques that were presented in solving theproblem. Such studies can present different techniques that weresuccessful or that failed. Through such information, it is possibleto learn some possible techniques or information that can help inaddressing the problem. On the other hand, previous researches canprovide information that shows previous solutions presented and whythey failed. Hence, in ensuring that the information addresses theproblem comprehensively, I ensured that I provided information thatprovided solution to information that failed to work in the previousstudies addressing the problem.

Imodified the original research idea in order to fit to the currentmarket situation. The research idea had to be modified to the currentmarket situation since it had to be matched with the currentcommunity needs. It is always critical to relate the research ideawith the problems facing the community so as to make the researchrelevant to the people in the community. Besides, I had to modify theresearch idea in order to fit with what I know. The research becamemodified through first of all identifying the community needs andthen relating the needs to the research topic that I had in mind Imade sure that the research idea related to the needs of thecommunity.

Oneof the strategies that I used in re-organizing the informationentails first of all identifying what I knew concerning the researchidea. I had to re-organize the information in order to fit with theinformation that I already knew. This was critical in ensuring that Ipresented a research idea that was of interest to what I had in mind.This could help in answering any question posed by any individualconcerning the research. Another strategy that I used inre-organizing the information entailed relating the research ideawith the available literature. This made it easy in handling theresearch. These strategies were critical as they helped in creatingconnections amid the research idea and the community needs. TheStatus as a Researcher A researcher may have outsider or insider status whileconducting research. An insider status entails a scenario, where theresearcher emerges as part of the research topic that is beinginvestigated. This implies that the researcher takes part in aparticipatory research, where he emerges as a subject to the researchtopic that he is investigating. Otherwise, ifs the researcher is notpart of the research topic he/she is undertaking, then he/she can bereferred as an outsider researcher. In this research I had the statusof an insider. This was critical in doing this research since ithelped in reflecting the relationships of the research topic and theparticipants. This was of importance since it helped in developing arelation amid the research topic and the solutions to the problemspresented.TheNext Steps in the Profession

Afterpresenting the research proposal, one of the next steps in theprofession entails conducting and presenting the research. It iscritical to carry out the actual research in order to resolve someissues affecting the community. Therefore, it will be a good idea toconsider pursuing the research project. The actual project will focuson doing whatever has been proposed in the research proposal thisimplies that I will go ahead and actualize whatever I have presentedin the proposal. After conducting the research, I will go ahead andpresent the results of the research. Because of the financialconstraints, I would look for sponsors, who would help in financingthe presentation of the results of the research. This would be ofbenefit to the community since the community would be in a positionto access the solutions to the problems facing them as presented bythe research. On the other hand, the next step would also entailconducting a further research that would help in explaining andfinding solutions to the problems that earlier researches were notable to present. This would be critical in exhausting the availableresearch problems in the area of study. In addition, I would engagein exploring other areas or topics in the line of profession.


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