ReflectiveEssay on Healthy Living

Itis interesting how human dietary behaviors have changed overtime.Traditional cuisines have been replaced by junk foods. The junk foodshave been associated with various health problems as it has beenexplained in the given essay ranging from cardiac problems tointerestingly cancer problems. It is due to this reason that peoplehave taken an initiative to take care of the calorific value of foodtaken. For example people that need to lose body mass are required totake 1200 calories per day enough to sustain their bodies. The efollowing paper seeks to interrogate the various facts laid in thegiven essay.

Tobegin with I agree with the author of the article on the relationshipbetween the types of food taken to obesity. The replacement of thetraditional cuisines with junk foods has resulted to increase innumber of obesity cases across the globe ranging from the developedto the developing countries. However, the trend is different since indeveloping countries the people that suffer obesity are the highclass in the social strata as opposed to the developed countrieswhere the people in the lower social class suffer from obesity. Thatis the interesting fact realized from the essay and I totallyconquer. To counter the problem related to uptake of junk foods thatresult to obesity people as it is explained in the essay have takenthe step to replace sugary foods with substitutes to ensure that anoptimal body mass is sustained. Additionally, the sugary drinks havebeen replaced with substitutes such as lemon juice. However, thepractice has not been highly effective as I have noted since a largenumber of the people suffer from ignorance. Many associate the healthproblems to mainly the solid foods taken not taking into account thecontribution by the drinks.

Ialso agree with the author concerning relationship to effect ofsaturated to the human health. High saturated fats intake increasesthe level of cholesterol in the body that predisposes them to varioushealth problems ranging from cardiac problems to gallstones problemsin the body. Interestingly, all this is attributed to bad dietaryhabits. However, the bad dietary problems can be countered throughproper dietary habits. Associated to bad dietary habit as I havetaken note is uncontrolled weight gain that ultimately leads toobesity. That is coupled with the high rates of inactivity that leadsto deterioration of the human health. To counter this doctors havecome up with formulas to assist individuals overcome the problem ofbad dietary habits by replacing them with good dietary habits. Thisis well guided by the various calorific value calculations that helpdetermine the specific requirement to each person. Additionally, asthe author has stated taking more of practice sessions to jog and doexercise to burn the extra calories in the body to help reduce thelifestyle related health complications.

However,there are various issues on which I do not concur with the author.For instance, concerning the assertion that food prepared away fromvalue has lower nutritional value. I tend to believe that the sameindividuals that prepare food at homes are the same ones that preparefood away from their home. Moreover, the same ingredients used attheir homes are the same ones used at places far from home only thatthe location differs. Moreover, irrespective of where food isprepared it the level of expertise that differs and one thatdetermines the level of nutritional value. Foods prepared byindividuals that are trained on the nutritional issues will tend tohave higher nutritional value.

Inconclusion, it is important to take note of the various issuespointed out in the essay since they are highly implementable and easyto follow. However, attention should be paid to food preparationmethods to ensure that highest standard are adhered to taking intoaccount the nutritional balance to ensure the health complicationspredisposing factors are reduced such as saturated fats used whilecooking.