Remix Student`s


Thefollowing paper is a remix of Happy, an award winning song by asinger known as Pharell Williams. Although it was originally a song,the remix will be rap.


Whats’being Happy? Happy is feeling like a room without a roof,

Likethe truth in any story

Likedoing what you wanna do

Beinghappy? Like riding in a car without a ceiling

Likeclapping to a feeling

Likedoing what you wanna do


Badnews will always be there doesn’t mean you should always sulk,

Giveout everything you’ve got make sure you don’t hold anything back,

What’sthe worst that could happen anyway? You dying from your worries?

Nothingis ever that big son so relax, take a second and let me tell youabout being happy.



Fromtoday onwards I have decided, my life I have to live,

Nothingwill hold me back I promise to keep on smiling,

Becauseit is all in the mindset what you believe is what you see,

Ourparents were never wrong, on this day I believe,

That’swhy nothing can hold me back nothing can hold me down,

Iknow that there are many who will try but my level’s too high,

Ihope that you’re listening because my level’s too high,

Andthat’s why I am informing you cannot pull me down,

BecauseI have discovered happiness and know what being happy means



Manymight try to hold me but I promise I am not turning back,

Tomy brothers out in the country we are not turning back

Tomy sisters in the country we are not turning back

Forevermoving on we are not turning back,

Putyour hands up in the air if you are not turning back

Makea scream if you know what being happy means



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