Research Nevada for Legalized Prostitution in Several Counties

ResearchNevada for Legalized Prostitution in Several Counties


ResearchNevada for Legalized Prostitution in Several Counties

Themain danger related to prostitution is the risks and fears ofviolence through disease and especially the STIs. It is not usuallyconsidered as violence but it brings about the risks, fears anddangers both in prostitution sector and participants in the Nevadabrothels. Theprostitutes working in brothels are required to undergo weekly testson STDs and also monthly tests on HIV and syphilis as required by theNevada state laws. Every client need to use a condom and whenever anycustomer or client gets infected with such STIs, the concernedbrothel owner is held responsible. Nonetheless, there has never beenany report case of HIV infection among the legal sex workers inNevada since 1986 but there are over 500 illegal sex workers whichhave been arrested so far in Las Vegas.

Despite,the safe sex protocol done by the state, many people still believethat prostitution will always pose a as a great health concern. Theaffected people in the industry are the women who are severelysubjected to bad and harmful health. The STD, HIV/AIDS and rape iscommon among prostitutes and the medical doctor agrees with them.Prostitute women are the ones who bring about this health concern andare therefore more prone than Johns or men.

Alengthy survey carried out with girls having rape cases, shows thatthey face health concern and the legal prostitutes are able to talkabout openly while the illegal ones shy away because they fear beingcharged. It is logical that when all prostitutes, that is legal andillegal prostitutes are regularly tested on STDs and when found tohave developed such diseases they are demoted or forced to leavework, the health concerns and STDs rates among the Johns andprostitutes would decline.

InNevada, there are illegal prostitutes as well as legal prostitutesand the illegal prostitute have been reported not to report any crimethey have witnessed since when the authorities finds out that theyare practicing prostitution illegally, they will be charged. As aresult the crime reports are never reported and criminals takeadvantage of this exploitation act of crime since they are sure theywon’t be acquitted.

Accordingto a research carried out, there are six brothels which have neverwitnessed any crime. Majority of brothels have developed a systemwhere it controls these crimes committed. This system used is calleda call button whereby any conversation and sexual act between theprostitute and the client is heard and when there is a problem likeassault or performance of rough sexual act, the client is called tothe parlor and action taken appropriately.

Prostitutionhas been found to have harmful effects on women and the followingconditions are common in prostitution among women and the doctors canconfirm concussions, vaginal and anal tearing, broken bones,traumatic brain injuries, rapes and gang rapes, drug and alcoholaddiction, torture and death through violence or strangulation. Thus,it can be said that brothels may never have any crime act committedbut the illegal brothels do have criminal acts committed againstillegal prostitutions.

Accordingto the research done by The Institute of Concerned Women for America,sex trafficking rate increased. An independent study also carried outalso depicted that between 50 and 90% of prostitutes in red lightzone have been forced to work in industry. Many prostitutes havereported that they were forced to join the sex industry. However,there are minimal cases of reported sex trafficking because theaffected prostitutes are not willing to discuss their experiences.

Legalizationof prostitution in Nevada has not been welcomed by many people andthere are anti-prostitution activities who still object it despitelegalization. They argue that prostitution is an evil act and it is acrime itself and it poses the health and crime concerns in thesociety. However, it contributes to the economy due to the taxescharged and income to the many prostitutes and the brothels.


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