Research Proposal


FreelanceMakeup Business

Thebusiness that I will venture in is freelance makeup artist. Thebusiness will later grow having a boutique and later venturing in anew line of beauty products. This is how I intend to run my business.


Havinga strong passion and love to apply makeup on other people as well asmyself is one of the reasons why I want to start a freelance makeupbusiness in my country Kuwait. I have a talent in beauty and makeuparts that has influenced me to start my own business in this field. Iam efficient, trustworthy and carry my work professionally. As anentrepreneur, I have the necessary business management skills whichwill enable me push my business to the next level. I want to ventureinto freelance makeup business in order to be able to cover a widerange of clientele across the country. Freelance makeup businessentails having mobile services whenever required to offer my servicesto a client or group of clients. Basically, I will have a van withall my equipments and supplies for all kinds of make ups to suit thediverse base of clientele including models, presenters, andperformers in different settings such as photographic shoots, livemusic, film, theatre and television. As a makeup artist, my work willinvolve interpreting the makeup requirements of customers to be ableto produce both a creative and technically accurate visualrepresentation.

Myshort term goals is to offer makeup services to a wide range ofclientele across all the settings requiring makeup such as mediapersonalities, models, celebrities, performers as well as any personlooking to enhance their looks either for a special occasion or on adaily basis.

Inthe long term probably in three years time, I would like to have anestablished business with branches in major cities in the country,offering freelance makeup services to our clients. I will open up myown boutique and a line of makeup products. This is my long termgoals for my freelance makeup business.


Mybusiness will start by offering makeup services to a variety ofclients from media personalities such as presenters, performers,theatre artists, models as well as individuals seeking to enhancetheir looks for a special event such as a wedding or even on aroutine basis.

Laterafter the business becomes established probably in 2-3 years, I willstart up my own line of beauty products and a boutique and startworking exclusively with fashion shows, media, and launch my ownrange of makeup line. Thus I will offer both makeup products andmakeup services to clients across a wider demographic.

Clientswill generally benefit from the products and services from myestablishment since they are readily available on request. Regardlessof the time, my clients will receive the services right at theirdoorstep, as one does not need to be in our boutique or beauty shopfor these products or services.


Mytarget customer base will be quite broad. It will include both menand women. The age bracket of my clients will range from individualsfrom 16 years to as old as 65. My business will be able to cater forindividual needs of each of our diverse clients.

Mypotential clients will be television and radio presenters,performers, live music performers, actors and actresses, models, liveshow hosts and guests, individuals for weddings and other specialevents, and photographic shoots.

Theclients will be mainly from modeling agencies, media houses, andclients of wedding and event organizers, individual artistes andgroups, producers of films, theatre groups, as well as individuals.

Sales&amp Marketing

InitiallyI intend to market my business through word of mouth to colleagues inschool and other social places. I will also design fliers that can begiven to shoppers outside beauty shops and other strategic points.

Inaddition, I will take advantage of the growing internet usage in thecountry. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Linkedn. In addition, we shall run adverts online on other fashionand beauty products websites. This will enhance the presence of mybusiness to a huge population making our business known across thecountry.

Iwill require a van a laptop, a tablet and a Smartphone to enable myonline presence 24 hours throughout the week. I will require havingsomeone assist me on updating and replying to customers instantly.Transport will also be outsourced to taxi services to increase ourefficiency. I will also need a team of makeup artists about three tofive in number to help in meeting customer’s demand. As thebusiness grows, more artists will be hired to meet the growingdemand. Customers can book their appointments for our services anytime and will be attended to as they wish.

Finally,I intend to make my business grow and have a national presence. Thiswill be enabled through intensive marketing of our new line of beautyproducts and services. The internet and particularly through beautyand fashion websites and social media will help in growing ourbusiness and brand.