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Response to Joe’s essay

The essay by Joe is a biography literacy that is written in firstperson tense. The essay articulates the thrilling life of the authorfrom an economically stable life to poverty. The essay is adescription of the teachings that the author has had as a result ofpoverty (Forth, 2012). The author tells of the need for humility andrespect for other people. According to the ideas of the author of thebiography literacy, the wealth that an individual has does notindicate his character. The essay has also depicted the inequalitiesthat wealth and poverty bring among the children and the younggeneration. In other words, it is evident from the biography thatwealth or lack of it is a major cause of inequality in the society(Forth, 2012).

Response to Yifan essay

Although the essay by Yifan has substandard grammar, the mainsubject of the essay is clear. The author puts forward the point thatmigrating from China to the United States comes along with variouschanges (Zhao, 2014). The language, culture and also the learningenvironment change drastically. He asserts that the change heexperienced after migrating to America, led him to his desiredpersonality. The American people are described by the author ashumble, friendly and outgoing. The American education system has alsobeen described as being different from that of China (Zhao, 2014).

Response to Mackenzie’s essay

The author of this essay gives a clear and great account of thedifficulties and challenges that children of divorced parents face.The author stipulates clearly the various challenges he faced as aresult of the break up between his father and his mother (Mackenzie,2014). The life before and after divorce is totally different. Thejoy, comfort, warmth and parental love that children receive inmarriages tend to fade out after divorce. However, divorce has beenpresented as an occurrence which gives children independence and theelement of balance. Children must balance between the two parents.


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