Restaurant Employee Handbook Policy on Copyrights


RestaurantEmployee Handbook Policy on Copyrights

EmployeeHandbook Policy and Copyrights

EmployeeHandbook Policy on Copyrights is a practice by an organization toissue guidelines and agreements that guide the relationship betweenthem and their employees, in relation to the observation ofcopyrights. A restaurant Employee Handbook Policy on Copyrightsprovides important details relating to its copyright requirements andas well as its expectations to the observance of copyrightregulations by employees (Pittman,2014).The handbook policy for a restaurant enumerates the terms ofemployment that relate to the observance of copyrights in addition toother employment agreement terms.

TheEmployee Handbook Policy on Copyrights is important not only for arestaurant but also for any business organization. According toPittman(2014), a restaurant Employee Handbook Policy provides writtenpolicies and procedures that serve as reference points in case ofconsultation when solving misunderstandings. Therefore, EmployeeHandbook Policy on copyrights for a restaurant will give policiesthat relate to the protection of copyright privileges enjoyed by arestaurant or employees. This way, a restaurant will be able toprotect its business interests and legal privileges that relate tocopyrights from exploitation by employees, through the observance ofEmployee Handbook Policy.

TheEmployee Handbook Policy on Copyrights are used by restaurants toresolve conflicts or conflict resolutions. The handbook also servesas a means of communicating the expectations of the organization tothe employees, especially on copyright observance. Restaurants useEmployee Handbook Policy on Copyrights to disseminate procedures thatshould be followed to ensure that the business organization does notinfringe copyright laws through its employees (Jennings, 2014). Thisprotects the restaurant against lawsuits that may arise frominfringement of legal rights and avert litigation claims against therestaurant.

Oneof the main categories of copyright requirement that restaurantsshould observe, relate to the internet and cyberspace rights. Arestaurant should clearly indicate its legal rights on copyrights onits products and service platforms that are exposed to the onlinemedia. This will serve as a disclaimer to internet users of the legalrights that protect a restaurant’s product or services (Fisherman,2011). For instance, a restaurant should indicate the protection ofits copyrights in the website and online interactions.

Therefore,the restaurant should agree with its employees or independentcontractors of their role in observing copyright rules. Therestaurant can use written agreements or clauses in the contracts itenters with the employees or the contractors. In addition, therestaurant management can use memos to pass information on therequirements and expectations of employees and contractors towardsthe observance of copyright. This will allow employees or contractorsto understand their role in the observance of the copyrights of therestaurant and other organizations.

Fora restaurant, intending to have its website created by an independentcontractor, the management should provide the copyright informationto them. In particular, the restaurant should provide writtendirections relating to the observance of copyright regulations inrelation to its legal responsibility not to infringe the copyrightsof other organizations, such as graphics and sounds (Fisherman,2011). In the case of opening a Facebook page by the owner of therestaurant, the owner may need to use the same names as the websiteor other online platforms for the company. This will give the ownerof the restaurant with a simple situation to protect its copyright byusing the same names in both the website and social media sites.


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