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2111McDonald`s Dr.,

OakBrook, IL 60523

DearHiring Manager

Ihereby apply for the position of an operations manager following theposted advert on the New York Times edition number 5. Following theposted requirements, I realized my abilities align with the postedrequirements and would serve as a significant opportunity totransform my career path.

Yourequire I offer

Supervisoryskills managerial skills based on experience

Strategicplanning organizational planning

Analytical skills improvedoperation skills


Characteristics of professionalcover letters

The initial sentence shouldpresent elaborative words aligned to the purpose of the entireapplication. The sentences should have clear and brief contents so asto influence the eventual decision. Additional information shouldentail experiences and accomplishments. This provides the foundationto convincing a given employer or client based on facts. A coverletter should not contain several words or paragraphs without logicmeaning. The simple rules of a professional cover letter revolvearound honesty and direct statements with justifications from theResume or attached curriculum vitae.

Characteristic of unprofessionalcover letters

Unprofessional cover letters arelengthy with unclear sentences that lack definite structures. Otherunprofessional cover letters have spelling and grammar mistakes whichdepict a level of unpreparedness. Unprofessional cover letters lack aconstant flow of information due to lack of proofreading techniques.

A cover letter connects a jobseeker to a definite employer through immediate summary ofaccomplishments. Providing an individual’s detailed informationincreases job qualification chances in any given application. Aprofessional cover letter explains any missing gaps within a resumeor curriculum vitae. A professional cover letter also provides apositive explanation in a individuals achievement and field ofspeciality.


A resume is a precisedescriptive document that provides an individual’s relevantinformation based on a professional profile. A resume is also definedas a self-marketing document with an effective communicating style.Effective resumes entail brief profile descriptions of anindividual’s details. The effective resume also entails aself-explanatory segment with clarified information. The techniquesemployed in an effective resume entail dynamic proprietarystatements.


McDonald`sCorporation, 2111 McDonald`s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523


Fervent to apply dynamiccommunication skills and consulting techniques related toadministration skills as an operations manager. The companyobjectives will provide the platform to launch successful career asoperations manager. The impartial skills also target an investorsociety with team players aiming to improve result based on companyobjectives.


Director of Operations HiltonLondon 2013 present

Experienced brand manager inlogistics and supply chains at Canary Hilton. Worked as budgetsupervisor who coordinated logistics and ensuring approval ofefficient company budgets. Managestaff, organizing responsibilities and providing detailed workschedule.

Operationsmanager InterContinental London Park Lane (2011-2012)

Oversawactivities directly related to provision of products and serviceswithin the hotel premise. Determined hotel supplies based on customerdemands and upon requests by other firms. Proposedand directed programs such as sales marketing, harmonizing otherdepartmental heads upon request by clients.

Administrativemanager at Blakely hotel New York (2009-2011)

Incharge of directing subordinate staff on different activities basedon company policies and client demands. Planning support servicesbased on company requirements targeting immediate clients. Head theinventory department based on a functional control system.


CornellUniversity, Birmingham City University, St. Kieran`s College Kilkenny


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