Revision of Essay 1 and 2


Revisionof Essay 1 and 2

Essayone: My online life and persona vs. my real life persona

Iam shy and have very few friends in my real life. In addition tothat, I am less confident in my real life interactions. I find myonline interactions more fun than my real life interactions. Not onlyhas the online platform ensured that I have a desirable number offriends, but the privacy and elimination of the face-to-faceinteractions has made it possible for me to ooze confidence wheninteracting with others. This essay discusses the differences betweenmy online and real life interactions.

Differencesbetween my personality in online life and in real life

Iam less talkative in real life when compared to my online life. Ifind the online community easy to interact as well as sharing ideas.I am very concerned about my privacy in real life. I like it when myprivacy is respected, and I hate to see people invading my privacy.My private issues are usually kept secret in my real life. However,in my online life, I tend to be less concerned about my privacy. Ieasily express what I am feeling and even spill a few of my secretsin my blogs or other social Medias. Apart from that, I tend to bevery aggressive in my online interactions than in my real life. I amalways ready to engage in debates online, most of which end up beingheated debates. In addition to that, tend to be ready to offercriticism as well as be criticized. This is very different in my reallife where I usually maintain a low profile during discussions

Ieasily express my feelings and opinions online without fearing whatothers would think concerning my views. In addition to that, I tendto post online status as well as comment on other posts morefrequently and freely than I comment on other people’s opinions andstatements in real life. I find it easy to make friends online thanin real life. This means that I have more online friends than reallife friends. Having more online friends and preferring onlineinteractions instead of real life interactions means that I spendmost of my time on my phone and computer catching up with my onlinefriends. Iam Outgoing when online and quite introversive in real life. In myonline interactions, I am usually open to my friends about the thingsthat most interest my future vision and me. This is not the case inmy real life where I like keeping things to myself. My introversivenature in real life has made it hard for me to widen my circle offriends, but my online friends keep growing each other day.


Myonline life and persona is very different from my real life persona.I am more aggressive when online than in real life and the number offriends I have online is higher than those I have in real life. Inaddition to that, I am more talkative and ready to engage in debatesin my online interactions. This is not the case in my real life whereI am shy and less talkative. The fact that we cannot see each otherface to face in online interactions has made it possible for me tointeract with others more confidently.

Essaytwo: Implications of Online Shopping


Internethas many pros in our modern life compared to ancient life where therewas no digitalization. Among the advantages of Internet is being ableto shop online without necessarily having to spend much time. Anotheradvantage of online shopping, as compared to the traditional orphysical shopping is the price as well as variety of items that Ihave to choose from on the Internet. This is so enticing since theprices are so competitive and there is a wide range of products andservices that I can choose from without having to leave my office orhome couch (Kaplan &amp Haenlein, 2009a). The main reason why onlineshopping is cheaper as compared to physical shopping is electronicretailers incurs or has fewer expenses than traditional stores andshops. As a buyer, I do not need to spend any money inform oftransport to go from store to store, or town to town to look for whatI want. I just do it from my living room! This saves a lot of money!Internet is not just a huge mega shop or store. It is also, and thisis less often discussed, a great tool for linking supply and demand,otherwise known as a market place. Just the other day, I used tostruggle to buy and sell my old items, but currently, with Internet,through eBay, or alternatively other market places, I can buy as wellas sell goods and services with much ease. This international vastoptimized connection between demand and supply has in a great wayleaded to contraction of the modern products market (Kaplan &ampHaenlein, 2009b).


Assumingthat these hypotheses are confirmed, in addition to financial andsocial impacts resulting from the disappearance of a number of storesand shops of our environment, we will see a helpful navigation in ourbig and small towns and markets (Sundar, 2004). Will going shoppingdisappear as well as window-shopping? What about the role of sociallink played by stores in a society where everybody is linked viasocial media but nobody knows even the other person next door. Thereis a high chance that physical or traditional stores and shops willdisappear in the near or long term future due to online shopping(Schau &amp Gilly, 2003).

Fromthe economical point of view, most companies and businesses will haveto lay off their staff due to lack of customers. The demand will belower than the supply the companies will not have any need forworkers. This is due to decreased demand of new items, as people willbe buying the second-hand hand products through online shopping. Thegrowth of our industrial world is strongly linked to an intenseproduction of new products. What will be the economic and socialeffects related to the globalization of the second-hand market? Howmany employees will organizations lay off to adjust their productioncapacities to the lowering demand of new items? The economy will belame in a way since lack of employment means people have no means tosupport their livelihood (Toffler, 1980).


Onlineshopping has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.Nevertheless, from the above discussion, I have seen that theadvantages outweigh the disadvantages. From the look of things, itseems like all physical stores and shops will have no future sincemost people seem to like shopping online, myself included. No onewants to be left behind in this world of digitalization.


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